V Rising: Adam the Firstborn Boss Battle Guide

Adam the Firstborn is the final V Blood boss in V Rising and overall the hardest boss fight in the game.

He has three different phases and a wide variety of attacks so he will test your patience and persistence.

In this battle guide, I will explain how to find and defeat Adam the Firstborn in V Rising by showcasing all his attack patterns.

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Adam the Firstborn Location

Adam the Firstborn map location in V Rising. Image source: V Rising Interactive Map | Map Genie.
Adam the Firstborn map location in V Rising. Image source: V Rising Interactive Map | Map Genie.

Adam the Firstborn can be found in Doctor Blackbrew’s Castle, at the northwest corner of the map. At the top side of this area, you’ll find the castle and the lever that initiates the fight.

To break the gates in Adam’s lair, you will need to use an EMP, which can be crafted after defeating Voltaria the Power Master.

Keep in mind that this boss will be level 83, so make sure to come prepared.

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How to Beat Adam the Firstborn in V Rising

How to beat Adam the Firstborn in V Rising.

To beat Adam the Firstborn, you will have to defeat all three phases of this fight.

The first is when he is 100-50% HP and the second is when he is 50-0% HP. For the third phase, he will go back to 50% HP and you will need to get him to 0 again.

Best Spells to Use

Make sure you come prepared for this boss fight by bringing the best spells.

Bring movement spells like Power Surge, Illusion Spear, or Explosive Bullets. Your basic dodge is not enough. Most of the boss’ attacks require dodging.

Since most of Adam’s attacks can’t be blocked or countered, using shields and counters isn’t recommended.

As for other spells, use anything that offers extra damage as a Spellcaster, or Blood Rage if you’re a physical fighter.

Adam the Firstborn First Phase (100-50% HP)

How to beat Adam the Firstborn in V Rising.

From the start of the fight, laser generators will spawn on the edges of the arena and shoot lightning in front of them. Make sure to break them as they have low HP and can be annoying if left unattended.

In terms of attack patterns, Adam the First Born has four attack patterns in the first phase.

The first pattern is a 3-hit attack. The first hit is with his right hand, the second with his left, and the third is an overhead slam.

The second pattern is a big and slow stomp, which can be dodged easily by running away when he lifts his foot. This will shoot eight projectiles in a circle upon impact, so be prepared to dodge.

The third attack pattern is a grab that is very important to dodge as it deals a lot of damage. This attack is the reason you need a second dodge. When you see Adam trying to perform a grab, dodge immediately.

The fourth and last attack will push you back, summon a laser generator, and spawn lightning strikes in front of him. Take a step back and try to destroy the generator quickly.

Adam the Firstborn Second Phase (50-0% HP)

How to beat Adam the Firstborn in V Rising.

After reaching 50% HP, Adam the Firstborn will gain four new attacks in addition to his previous ones.

The first move is a lightning shield, which will counterattack whenever damaged. Simply stop hitting him until the shield disappears. Take advantage of the shield to break any generators around the map.

The second attack is a lunge and grab, which is an upgraded version of the previous third attack. Save your dodge for this move.

The third attack is a teleport and slam attack. Adam will teleport behind you and then slam the ground. Ideally, use your dodge here or try and run around him.

The fourth and final pattern is another lightning strike but with greater AoE. Dodge back and keep moving around to avoid the bolts of lightning.

Adam the Firstborn Last Phase (50-0% HP)

How to beat Adam the Firstborn in V Rising.

When Adam the Firstborn reaches 0% HP, he will push back everyone close to him and restore his HP to 50% while getting new attack patterns. This is considered his hardest phase.

The first pattern is a three-hit combo with lightning. For the final hit, he will teleport behind you. Move right to avoid the first two attacks and use your dodge for the final one.

The second pattern is the same grab as the first phase, so make sure to have your dodge ready for that.

For the third attack, Adam the Firstborn will lift his hand to the air and summon a lightning circle. Until the circle shows up, you can damage him a few times (3-4 attacks). Then, the circle of lightning will follow you around, so make sure to keep moving until it disappears.

When the circle appears, the boss will have a shield on him, so avoid hitting it. Then, lightning strikes will appear around the arena, so keep moving around. For the last attack of this pattern, he will fall from the air and target a large area.

The fourth attack is the same as the second phase, which is the lightning strike with the increased AoE.

The fifth and final attack is when he jumps into the air and leaves the arena. After a few seconds, he will jump on you with a huge AoE attack. Save your dodge to avoid this.

Wrapping up

To sum up this V Rising battle guide, players can defeat Adam the Firstborn after learning and mastering all of his attack patterns.

Go through his three phases, make sure to use your dodge wisely, and be patient to complete the hardest boss fight in the game.

How many tries did it take you to defeat Adam the Firstborn? Which attack troubled you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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