Trollface Quest: Hilarious Point & Click in Short Bursts

Trollface Quest is a free browser game that involves solving small combination puzzles. Players should interact with objects or people within a given scene by clicking with the mouse.

Clicking on the objects triggers events that cause an action or a reaction within the depicted scene. In one scene, for example, a spray can must be actuated in order to dispel a cloud of bad smell with the emerging fragrance spray and thus open the passage for the protagonist.

Depending on the sequence in which the interactions are carried out, the action is continued within a level or returned to the initial state. Each click of the player is registered and counted in the lower-left edge of the screen.

In addition to the game scene and the click counting area, there are four buttons on the top left of the screen with the following functions: control of the sound volume, pausing the game, switching to the level overview and a link to a complete solution video. The latter shows the solution of the complete game in a 2.5-minute video.

The respective scenes are drawn in comic style and partly animated. The game makes reference to various internet phenomena or online jargon and addresses a form of malicious, brutal and outrageous humor.

The individual levels are always about bizarre and sometimes repulsive actions, such as deliberately causing gas or playing with feces.

The game characters are reminiscent of the well-known Internet memes Trollface or Coolface.

The game is not only available as a browser game, but also as an Android and iOS app. The download is free of charge and can be done via the respective app store.

The corresponding Internet addresses are linked in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

The playing time is only a few minutes, which can be further shortened by watching the complete solution video. The game has a low tension arc and no continuous plot.

So if you are interested check out some more cool puzzle games. It’s a good way to relax and stimulate your brain at the same time. Explore level after level and look for hints. Think logically or completely out of the box – depends on the game.

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