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Town Star is a really nice game to play for fun, but you most likely want to make some money while playing, right?

Well, if that is the case, I’m here to help you by sharing a list of the best NFTs to invest in this year in order to maximize profits.

In order to decide which are the best NFTs in Town Star, you will have to look at their price and the amount of Town Coins you get from each. The more points you get and the less you spend on your NFT, the quicker you’ll start earning some profits.

In order to start earning TOWN coins, you will need to have at least one NFT in the game. They will give you various rewards – either through completing the daily missions by playing the game or a daily basis.

You can get some for free to get started (like the Express depot if you buy Gala Gold) to get things started.

Note: You can use the referral code 61f1298abf573164b106a044 when you create your Gala account so that we can grow together and encourage me to keep writing guides for Town Star and other play to earn games.

Now, it would be really easy to decide which NFT is the best to buy if you actually knew how many Town Coins they reward you. But the game doesn’t give you this information directly, but I am here to do so.

So let’s check out the Town Star NFT Rewards in the list below:

NFTTOWN coins earned
Ancient Bitrue Wheat Stand3,075
DigiFinex Cotton Stand2,832
Legendary Bitrue Wheat Stand2,577
Legendary Tesla Coil1,155
Legendary Solar Panel666
Legendary Lolli and Pop Shop350
Into the Galaverse 2021202.1
Elfbot Home200
Haunted Main Tower140
Rare Tesla Coil140
Epic Bitrue Wheat Stand120
Cranebot Home100
Rare Solar Panel100
Rare Simplex Sugarcane Stand100
OKEx Barter Station91
Baker VOX #230090.39
Haunted Front Porch79
Alfa Fountain Majestic75
Saltybot Home75
Rancher VOX #885273.93
Legendary Water Tower72
Legendary Wheat Stand72
Rare Bitrue Wheat Stand70
Rancher VOX #808067.58
Haunted East Wing60
Haunted West Wing60
Tesla Coil60
Rancher VOX #591359.18
Rare Lolli and Pop Shop55
Boat Captain VOX #31753.47
Alfa Fountain Great50
Legendary Brine Storage45
Legendary Grape Storage45
Legendary Sugarcane Storage45
Alfa Fountain Good35
Broken History (Curry Flow Shoes)30
Lolli and Pop Shop25
Bitrue Wheat Stand24
Simplex Sugarcane Stand24
Epic Wheat Stand20
Epic Water Tower18
Epic Wheat Storage18
Rare Wheat Stand17
Solar Panel16
Haunted Crypt14
Haunted Graveyard14
Rare Brine Storage14
Rare Grape Storage14
Rare Sugarcane Storage14
Rare Water Tower14
Rare Wheat Storage14
Wheat Stand14
Epic Basketball Court13
Grape Storage11
Water Tower11
Brine Storage11
Wheat Storage11
Buggy Mr. Puddles10
Mr. Puddles9
Alfa Fountain Ok8
Rare Basketball Court7
The Lab (Curry Flow Shoes)7
Uncommon Basketball Court3
Basketball Court2
Express Depot1
Source: Google Docs

Please note: the values above can change without notice and they have changed in the past. Take them as guidelines, not exact values.

But it’s worth mentioning that when they did change, the rewards they offered always went up, not down.

Now that you have the numbers and know how much each of the Town Star NFTs gives you, it’s easy to decide which is the best to buy, based on their price.

How to earn money in Town Star?

town star nft prices
Example of NFTs you can get from the Gala Games Store

To earn money (TOWN coins) in Town Star, you need at least one NFT and one Gala Coin. The latter decides your Gala Power, which can actually increase the amounts earned by allowing you to place more NFTs in the game.

For example, if you have a Gala Power of 1, you can only place 1 NFT. If your Gala Power is 5, then you can place 5 NFTs and earn from all of them combined.

This means that you can’t buy 50 NFTs and place them all unless you have a matching Gala Power.

The Gala Power is calculated based on the following formula:

Gala Power = Gala Coin + (Town Coin x 2)

For levels 1 to 20, you need 5,000 Gala Power to level up. This means that if you have 20,000 Gala Coins and 10,000 Town Coins, your Gala Power is 40,000, so your level is 8 (meaning that you can place 8 NFTs in your game).

The developers also plan to introduce a Season Pass in Town Star which will increase the options you have for making money, but that is currently not available at the moment of writing, so I have no details for you.

What are the best NFTs in Town Star for optimized earnings?

Now that you know how much each NFT earns you and how the Gala Power works in order to let you make money, let’s see what NFTs are actually good value for the money.

It’s important to note that these can change based on the price of the NFTs. This also means that you will have to do your own due diligence and check out the NFTs and do the math. It’s easy though!

Town Star NFTs can be purchased either on Gala Games (with limited supply) or bought from Use the latter to actually see the market prices for all NFTs in the game.

open sea examples NFT pricing examples

Here’s how to calculate how profitable an NFT is:

Divide its price on by the Town Coins earned in the table above and see how much it takes to make your money back.

As an example, the Express Depot costs 800 Town Coins at the moment of writing. It earns 1 Coin per day, so you would need 800 days to make your money back if nothing changes.

Some NFTs also can be paired to increase their earnings. These go in sets, which makes them even more profitable.

Have in mind that usually the more expensive NFTs won’t always offer the best value for the money! This is why you need to do the math yourself… but it’s worth noting that for each NFT, you will need around 600 – 1,000 days to make the money back through regular gameplay.

This might sound like an awful lot of time, but there is a big important thing to consider, and we’re touching on it below.

Is it worth buying NFTs in Town Star?

If you’re wondering whether it makes sense or not to buy NFTs in Town Star, the answer is yes.

You should definitely invest in the best rated NFTs in the game if you are committed to playing it. Right now, the prices for buying these NFTs are at all time lows, making the investment even more profitable.

Even though having to wait for 1 year (or more) to make your money back through regular gameplay might not sound like a good deal, it actually gets a lot better when you realize that prices for the TOWN and GALA coins will most likely go up, making it a lot easier for you to get the initial investment back and make a nice profit.

For example, if you were to buy right now and spent $1,000 on an NFT, and the price of the TOWN coin would go back to an all time high, you would have $12,270 worth of NFTs.

This makes it an extremely profitable deal even if the price won’t ever reach the all time high, but it would still grow a bit.

Not to mention the fact that there’s some chatter regarding the possibility of renting out NFTs for TOWN coins.

If that becomes reality, then you will actually earn PASSIVELY from your investment, without having to play each day and complete the missions for the rewards.

In conclusion, even though NFTs are not cheap, if you are really serious about it, right now is the best time to invest in them.

The price of getting the required coins is extremely low compared to previous highs, and the potential for great returns is better than ever.


As you can see, playing Town Star to earn money is definitely not a “get rich quick” scheme.

However, combining the daily earnings that you get from owning the NFTs, with the potential of being able to rent them later on or just selling them at a much increased value makes them really attractive.

If you want to get things started right away, click here to create your Gala Account right away and play Town Star.

Don’t forget to let us know which are your favorite NFTs in the game and also ask any other questions you might have – I’ll be happy to help if I can.

Calin Ciabai

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