Chained Echoes A Goblin’s Dilemma – How to Complete [FULL Guide]

A Goblin’s Dilemma is an end-game side quest in Chained Echoes, available after progressing through the final parts of the story.

Specifically, players will need to complete Ruins Under a Tree first, which requires exploring the Empyrean Ruins.

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In this guide, I will walk you through the side quest ‘A Goblin’s Dilemma’ in Chained Echoes and showcase how to complete it.

How to Start ‘A Goblin’s Dilemma’

This quest starts at the Rohlna fields location, in the far north region. By the waterfalls there, you’ll find a goblin named Bark tied to a tree. Talk to Bark and untie him to begin this quest.

Freeing Bark from a tree to start the quest 'A Goblin's Dilemma' in Chained Echoes.
Freeing Bark from a tree to start the quest ‘A Goblin’s Dilemma’ in Chained Echoes.

After untying Bark, the quest begins and you’ll have to visit various locations. Let us examine all the next steps in turn.

How to Complete ‘A Goblin’s Dilemma’ – Full Walkthrough

  1. Follow Bark to Basil – Find and talk to a villager on the east side who is examining some claw marks on the ground.
  2. Visit Jan’s home on Seaside Village – Follow the cutscene until you unlock the Goblin Crest
  3. Travel to the Goblin Village in Ogranne Grottos – From the bottom of the waterfalls where you untied Bark previously, travel to Ogranne Grottos. Go to the Fast Travel Crystal there, walk up, and then right on the first turn to find Goblin Village. If you find a strong monster blocking the way, progress ‘The Gates of Nhysa’ sidequest first.
  4. Explore around the village – There are various items there and you can visit the merchant on the northwest side of the village to buy Incocybin Berries (allows you to defeat Tadeyes of the Ograne Grottos), The Human Language (helps you understand the language of the goblins), and Baibai X (grants access to areas in the Flower Fields of Perpetua).
  5. Get Miner’s Key – After buying the Human Language, talk to a goblin in the northeast to learn about a dropped key in the northwest mushroom field. Go there to get the Miner’s Key.
  6. Head into the large tent – There you will play through the cutscene with the Goblin Chief.
  7. Follow Jan back to his home near the Seaside Village – There, you’ll get intercepted by a goblin, that you can either spare or kill. To get all the rewards from this quest, make sure to spare the goblin.
  8. Travel to Rockbottom in Kortana Mountain Range – Go to the mine cart tracks, head north, and go down to the Wygrand Mines via the elevator. Then, head east and unlock the locked door with the Miner’s key from Step 5.
  9. Locate the Darkness Tablet – Follow the path down, defeat the goblins there, and pick up a Darkness Tablet.
  10. Go back to Jan’s home near Seaside Village – As long as you spared the goblin on Step 7, Jan will award you with an Elixir, two Repair Kits DX, and two Platinum Ores.
Goblin Village map location in Chained Echoes.
Goblin Village map location in Chained Echoes.

And that’s all! Now you’ve unlocked the Darkness Tablet, plus a wide variety of useful items.

Wrapping up

To sum up, that’s everything you need to know on how to complete a Goblin’s Dilemma in Chained Echoes.

While an end-game quest, A Goblin’s Dilemma rewards players with key items such as the Darkness Tablet. Also, it doesn’t take long to complete and it features an interesting side story.

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What’s your main reason for completing A Goblin’s Dilemma? Are you a completionist, or where you interested in the Darkness Tablet? Let us know in the comments below.


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