The Outer Worlds: Can You Get Your Own House in the Game?

We all know that in Fallout (or other RPGs), we can get a nice house or more for our main character in one of the various settlements in the game. But can you get your own house in The Outer Worlds?

Well, Obsidian’s RPG is pretty low on offering extra features and putting some extra gravy on the steak they’re serving us, and owning your own home in the game is not possible.

You do have The Unreliable to call home though – if you really want to – and it’s a better choice since you will always have it around when you travel from planet to planet.

But if you want something more down-to-earth (literally), then there’s a bit of a workaround here. It’s not really owning your own house in the game, but it’s the best offer that you can get and I am going to tell you how to take advantage of it.

So what’s the deal? Instead of owning your own house in The Outer Worlds, you can get permanent access to a hotel room on one of the planets.

It’s really not much – just a room that you’re sharing with others, but you have a bed to sleep in and a container right by the door to store your stuff inside.

You can unlock this permanent hotel room by paying a one time fee. Here’s how to do it:

First of all, travel to Monarch – go to the Fallbrook Landing pad if you have it unlocked. If not, travel to Stellar Bay and make your way from there to the settlement of Fallbrook.

the outer worlds how to own a house 1

When there, go all the way to Malin’s House of Hospitality, where you will meet a charming lady (for some) named Catherine. On the map below, my character is right in front of the place:

the outer worlds how to own a house 2

Here’s hot it looks like, although you can’t miss it (Especially since you will get some missions from Catherine as well):

the outer worlds how to own a house 3

Once inside, go talk to Catherine and tell her that you need a room. She will offer you access to one for a one time fee of 381 bits:

the outer worlds how to own a house 4

After paying the fee, you can go upstairs (follow the stairs in front of Catherine’s room) to get to the Ante Up bar.

Right in front of the bar, you will find the result of your marvelous investment:

the outer worlds how to own a house 5

As I said, this is far from good or impressive for a renowned Captain such as yourself, but it’s the only thing that gets close to owning your own place in The Outer Worlds.

You do have a bed, you have a container for storage (don’t worry about patrons stealing your stuff from that crate – they won’t!) and you can visit it whenever you want to.

However, since you don’t have any options to customize the place in any way, you can’t really consider it your own house. For that, you have The Unreliable which will at least be always somewhere close to your location.

But there you have it – the answer to the burning question whether you can have your own place in the game or not. A bit disappointing that you can’t, isn’t it?

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  1. That’s not the room she gives you, the room you just showed is for drunkards. The actual room has a door that’s lit up red[locked] and you have to walk some down the street until you see a door that is prompted for a card. THAT is the room and it’s much nicer but still uncustomizable.


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