The Outer Worlds: Where to Store Your Items in the Game?

Are you wondering where can you share some of your valuable items in The Outer Worlds – items that you don’t want to carry around at all times?

Maybe that super weapon that you might use at some point in the game (but never will) or all those health-items that you don’t really know if you will ever use, but you don’t want to throw away either?

Well… I am here to help you with that and fortunately finding your own place for storage in The Outer Worlds is extremely simple.

You can basically transfer any type of item to any container in the game and they won’t disappear (or at least they didn’t disappear from some random locations that I’ve tried during my play time).

The problem with this is that you will have to travel to the said location in order to retrieve your items and that will eventually become time consuming, because you won’t spend too much time on one planet – or even more, in one specific area.

the outer worlds where to store items 1
The container that you’ll always have nearby

So I would say that the best place for you to store your items is on The Unreliable.

Your ship will always be somewhere nearby and you will constantly have to travel back to it, so why not store your items in your Captain’s Quarters, in the container to the right of your bed? That’s the best choice!

Alternately, you can get your own place (sort of) in Fallbrook: you can rent an apartment from Catherine and call it home. There’s a container there as well and it’s easier to remember it rather than a random container somewhere in the galaxy…

The Outer Worlds is a game that fortunately keeps the junk low and you will end up carrying way fewer items that you normally do in other RPGs (like Fallout, for example) – yet you can still end up with some items that you are not sure you’ll ever need or get encumbered.

So in order to keep your sanity high by not selling items you might need sometime in the future (most likely you won’t), you can store them on The Unreliable in the box next to the door instead of selling them or turning them into Weapon or Armor parts.

Calin Ciabai

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