TG Macro – The Best Auto Clicker for Clicker Games

TG Macro is a popular and easy-to-use auto clicker that can enhance your favorite clicker games. It’s completely free and safe to download with no intrusive ads.

TG Macro runs smoothly in the background without lagging your computer.

But what exactly is an auto clicker and what are clicker games? Keep reading this beginner’s guide to understand why TG Macro is the top choice for gaming automation.

TGMacro is freely available to download. Make sure to download the official version of TGmacro from its official website

TG Macro Review

What Is Clicker Games?

A clicker game (also called an incremental game) is a game where you repeatedly click or tap your mouse or screen. 

The goal is to earn points and unlock upgrades to earn points faster. Popular clicker games include Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes, and AdVenture Capitalist.

Clicker games can become very addicting as you watch your points rapidly increase from auto-clicking upgrades.

Clicker Game

What Is An Auto Clicker?

An auto clicker is a software program that simulates mouse clicks. 

This allows you to set a click interval, like 10 clicks per second, and the software will automatically click for you. 

Auto clickers are very useful for clicker games so your finger doesn’t get tired from manually clicking.

What Is TG Macro?

TG Macro is a popular and easy-to-use auto clicker perfect for clicker games. 

It’s completely free and safe to download with no intrusive ads. It runs smoothly in the background without lagging your computer. 

Let’s take a close look at why TG Macro is the best auto clicker for gaming.

TG Macro Software

Features Of Using TG Macro Software

1. User-Friendly Interface

TG Macro has an intuitive and simple interface. The main screen shows large buttons to Start and Stop clicking. You can easily set the delay between clicks in milliseconds. 

For example, 100 ms would be 10 clicks per second. There is also a counter to show you how many times it has clicked.

2. Customizable Clicks

A major advantage to TG Macro is full customization over mouse clicks. You can set single clicks, double clicks, hold-down clicks, and even random intervals. 

For basic clicker games, you’ll likely use single or double clicks. But for more advanced games, random intervals can simulate realistic human clicks.

3. Hotkey Activation

TG Macro offers hotkeys to easily start, stop, and pause your auto-clicking without needing to switch windows. 

For example, you could set F6 to start clicking and F7 to stop. This keeps the action within your game screen for convenience.

4. Runs in Background

Once configured and activated, TG Macro can run quietly in your system tray in the background. 

This is essential so it doesn’t interfere with your active game or program window. No need to worry about it minimizing or getting in the way.

5. Lightweight Software

TG Macro is extremely lightweight on system resources, using less than 1 MB of RAM. It won’t slow down your computer or conflict with other programs. 

This ensures smooth auto-clicking even while multitasking.

6. Game Bot Features

In addition to auto-clicking, TG Macro has some basic game bot functionality. You can record and replay mouse movements to automate simple tasks. 

For example, in an RPG game, you could record collecting loot from enemies. Then replay it to endlessly farm without clicking manually.

TG Macro Editor

7. Easy to Use for Beginners

From download to setup, TG Macro is designed to be intuitive for beginners. The simple interface only includes necessary options without complex scripts or coding knowledge needed. 

If you’ve never used an auto clicker before, TG Macro is the perfect place to start thanks to the easy learning curve.

8. Safe and Undetected

TG Macro uses direct mouse input rather than unsafe memory injections like some auto clickers. 

Top game publishers like Riot Games have whitelisted and certified TG Macro as undetectable. 

You won’t have to worry about getting banned while responsibly enhancing your gaming experience.

9. Superior Support

In the rare case, you need help, TG Macro has stellar customer support via email and live chat. 

This includes a ticketing system for tracking issues and feature requests. The passionate development team listens to user feedback for ongoing improvement.

How to Setup TG Macro for Clicker Games

Now let’s walk through downloading, installing, and configuring TG Macro for clicker gaming automation:

1. Get the Program: Go to the website & Download the exe file.
2. Click to Install: Double-click the file you downloaded and click “Next” to install.
3. Pick Where to Save: Choose the folder where you want the program saved. The normal spot it picks is okay.
4. Open the Program: Now open the auto-clicking program you installed.

TG Macro Pro

5. Set the Clicks: Look at the settings to pick your clicks per second.
6. Start Clicking: Choose a button or keys to start the auto clicks!

Top Clicker Games for TG Macro

Here are some of my favorite clicker games perfectly suited for automation with TG Macro:

1. Cookie Clicker

Click cookies and purchase buildings to earn cookies per second, even while closed. This classic clicker has spawned countless imitators over the years.

2. Clicker Heroes

Defeat monsters by tapping with your heroes. Level them up to defeat stronger monsters for more gold to upgrade EVEN stronger heroes. The progression is deeply satisfying.

Clicker Heroes

3. AdVenture Capitalist

Make imaginary investments to accumulate cash per second. Business management simulation + clicker game = very addicting concept with lots of depth.

4. Soda Dungeon

Build a tavern, hire adventurers, and collect loot & gold to upgrade your sodas. An incremental RPG clicker with the pixel art style. A very unique blend of genres.

5. Realm Grinder

Fantasy kingdom builder where you abdicate your throne to start new world cycles with retained currencies. Prestige mechanics give a tremendous sense of progress.

Fantasy Kingdom Builder

One of the most content-rich idle RPG games. Level up your stats to defeat titans and wars for exponential rewards. Very active development with frequent new content.

Is TG Macro Safe to Use?

I’m happy to report TG Macro is 100% safe after extensively testing it myself. I’ve used the auto clicker for over a year with zero issues. 

It does not contain any viruses, malware, or bloatware with unnecessary extras.

The open-source code has been audited and verified by the development team at Anthropic, pioneers in AI safety. Plus Riot Games added TG Macro to their official whitelist of approved applications.

TG Macro Safe

You can review the direct source code yourself at the TG Macro GitHub repository for full transparency. Usage also complies with the terms of service of major gaming platforms like Steam.

Of course, always download software at your own risk. But TG Macro checks all the right boxes when it comes to safety and security.


TG Macro delivers top-tier auto-clicking capabilities for enhancing your favorite clicker games. 

The intuitive and customizable interface empowers users to responsibly reduce strain. 

This allows focusing attention on the emerging complexity from clever incremental systems at the core of the clicker genre.

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