Slime Isekai Memories Tier List [New Update]

Starting a new gacha game can be a hassle but with this Slime Isekai Memories tier list, you will be able to know which units to go after from the start.

As with many gacha games, there are units in the game that can be stronger than others even with low investments.

Those units are considered the best, and knowing which ones to go after will help you, especially since featured characters have banners for specific periods.

Before diving more into the best characters let’s go over a quick overview of the tier list.

Slime Isekai Memories S-Tier Units


These units are the ones you should go after cause having them can make an immense difference in your game.

  • Alice Rondo (Brave Knight Girl)
  • Carrion (Beastmaster)
  • Diablo (Ebony Demon)
  • Diablo (The Black Progenitor)
  • Elemental Colossus (Bellicose Dragoneye)
  • Gazel Dwargo (King of an Armed Nation)
  • Hakurou (Instructor of Flashing Sword)
  • Ifrit (Burning Spirit)
  • Luminus (The Queen of Nightmares)
  • Masked Hero (Time Traveler)
  • Milim Nava (Dragonoid)
  • Milim Nava (Powerful Princess)
  • Milim Nava (The Dragon Fist)
  • Milim Nava (The Enthusiastic Player)
  • Orc Disaster (Starved)
  • Rimuru Tempest (The Trude Demon Lord)
  • Rimuru Tempest (Youthful Pupil)
  • Shuna (Holy Princess)
  • Shuna (the Beachside Princess/Swimsuit)
  • Souei (Spy in Shadows)
  • Veldora (Seal Releaser)
  • Veldora Tempest (Storm Dragon)
  • Velzard (The White Ice Dragon)
  • Violet (Purple Progenitor)

These were all the S-Tier units for Slime Isekai Memories.

Slime Isekai Memories A-Tier Units


These units can be great to replace units placed lower in the tier list, especially as you go after higher-ranked units.

  • Albis (Discipline Officer)
  • Alice Rondo (Brave Knight Girl)
  • Benimaru (Oath of Black Flame)
  • Benimaru (Samurai General of Hellfire)
  • Beretta (Arch Golem)
  • Carrion (Beastmaster)
  • Charybdis (Swimming Calamity)
  • Diablo (Necromancing Devil)
  • Fuze (Guildmaster)
  • Gabiru (Waving Spear)
  • Gazel Dwargo (King of an Armed Nation)
  • Gobta (Captain of the Goblin Riders)
  • Guy Crimson (Lord of Darkness)
  • Guy Crimson (The Beginning)
  • Hakurou (Instructor of Flashing Sword)
  • Hinata (Dead End Striker)
  • Hinata Sakaguchi (Captain of the Holy Knights)
  • Hinata Sakaguchi (Piercing Blossom)
  • Leon (Platinum Saber)
  • Leon Cromwell (The Flashing Blade)
  • Leon Cromwell (The Platinum Devil)
  • Luminus (The Queen of Nightmares)
  • Luminus Valentine (Elegant Blood)
  • Luminus Valentine (Heavenly Noble)
  • Luminus Valentine (Queen of Yule)
  • Masked Hero (Sacred Future)
  • Milim Nava (Delighter in Everyday Life)
  • Milim Nava (Dragon Majin)
  • Milim Nava (Dragonoid Destroyer)
  • Milim Nava (Manifestation of the Dragon)
  • Milim Nava (One of the Oldest Demon Lords)
  • Milim Nava (The Proud Dragon Demon Lord)
  • Mjurran (Seeker of Enchantment)
  • Ramiris (Fairy of the Labyrinth)
  • Rimuru Tempest (Chancellor of Tempest)
  • Rimuru Tempest (Harmonizer of Monsters and Humans)
  • Rimuru Tempest (Lord of Wisdom)
  • Rimuru Tempest (Sacred Sun of Tempest)
  • Salamander (The Flame Master)
  • Shinsha (Impulsive Adolescent)
  • Shion (Charming Purple Ogre)
  • Shion (Runaway Bride)
  • Shion (Shockingly Sweet)
  • Shion (Steel Annihilator)
  • Shizue (Conqueror of Flames)
  • Shizue Izawa (Fresh-Faced Adventurer)
  • Shuna (Excellent Tailor)
  • Sky Dragon (Soaring Dragon Calamity)
  • Souei (Spy in Shadows)
  • Souei (Successful Shinobi)
  • Treyni (Budding of Deep Green)
  • Veldora Tempest (The True Butler)
  • Velzard (The White Ice Dragon)
  • Velzard (White Gift Dragon)

These were all the A-Tier units for Slime Isekai Memories.

Slime Isekai Memories B-Tier Units


The units in the B Tier are not something amazing, but they can be used in very specific niche strategies.

  • Alice Rondo (Golem Master)
  • Benimaru (Crimson Ogre Warrior)
  • Benimaru (Undefeated General)
  • Daggrull (Proud Giant Fist)
  • Deeno (Fallen One)
  • Deeno (Sleeping Ruler)
  • Frey (The Sky Queen)
  • Gard Mjolmire (The Competent Merchant)
  • Garm (The Armor Artisan)
  • Gelmud (Secret Operator)
  • Gobta (Hobgoblin Ascendant)
  • Gobuichi (The Hobgoblin Chef)
  • Guy Crimson (Lord of Darkness)
  • Guy Crimson (The Beginning)
  • Hakurou (White Slash)
  • Kaijin (The Forge Artisan)
  • Kenya Misaki (Heroic Vessel)
  • Leon Cromwell (The Flashing Blade)
  • Leon Cromwell (The Platinum Devil)
  • Light Spirit (Heroic Conductor)
  • Phobio (Leopard Fang)
  • Psychic Elf (Fortune Teller)
  • Ramiris (The Creator)
  • Ranga (Tempest Star Wolf)
  • Rimuru Tempest (Awakened Demon Lord)
  • Rimuru Tempest (Lord of Wisdom)
  • Rimuru Tempest (Reincarnated)
  • Rimuru Tempest (Swordsmanship Forge)
  • Rimuru Tempest (The Master of Maids)
  • Shizue Izawa (Date Night Beauty)
  • Shizue Izawa (Gift of Desire)
  • Shuna (Pink Ogre Princess)
  • Trya (Summer Breeze of Benevolence)
  • Veldora Tempest (Proud Kin of Dragons)
  • Vesta (Seeker)
  • Yuuki Kagurazaka (Grandmaster)

These were all the B-Tier units for Slime Isekai Memories.

Slime Isekai Memories C-Tier Units


These characters should be replaced as soon as you get a higher-ranked unit from the gacha.

  • Adalman (Wight King)
  • Albis (The Golden Serpent)
  • Benimaru (Next Clan Leader)
  • Benimaru (Valiant Kijin)
  • Chloe Aubert (Lovely Innocence)
  • Clayman (The Marionette Master)
  • Daggrull (Supreme Fist)
  • Gale Gibson (Earth Spirit Lodger)
  • Geld (Orc King)
  • Gobta (Schoobly Slacker)
  • Grucius (Lupine Fighter)
  • Izis (Mirror Queen)
  • Kurobe (Immobile Black Ogre)
  • Kurobe (Steel Heart of Forge)
  • Myulan (Leisurely Lady)
  • Rain (Original Blue)
  • Ranga (Loyal Horn)
  • Ranga (Loyal Wolf)
  • Rigurd (Hobgoblin Monarch)
  • Rimuru (Bridegroom)
  • Shinsha (Precious Bride)
  • Shion (Ardent Attendant)
  • Shion (Purple Smash)
  • Shion (The Bold Servant)
  • Shuna (Pink Ogre of Heavenly Light)
  • Shuna (The Holy Sunrise)
  • Souei (Blue Gale)
  • Souei (Instant Spy)
  • Suphia (White Tiger Claw)
  • Suphia (Cooking Challenger)
  • Treyni (Spider Witch)

These were all the C-Tier units for Slime Isekai Memories.

Final Thoughts

With many gacha games, and their strategy to make you feel that every unit is “THE” unit, tier lists exist to help players who want to have a smooth experience while using great units.

When you complete your daily tasks you may want to try out different games in that downtime, so check out our other tier lists of the best cookies in the game for Cookie Run Tower of Adventures, or the unit tier list for Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom.

With the unit tier list for Slime Isekai Memories laid out you will be ready to pull for any unit, but as is with any game, despite what anyone says use your favorite units and have fun. Share your thoughts in the comments about wich units are your favorites to use.


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