Roblox Royale High: All Halloween Halo Answers

Just like it happens each year, the Halloween Halo event will take place in Roblox Royale High! Have you been trying to get your answers right and obtain that awesome Halloween Halo? Is it giving you a hard time?

Well, I’m here today as your ultimate Savior! I’ll be sharing everything I’ve gathered from the grinding and extensive research on how to get your hands on that Halloween Halo 2023 in Royale High!

All Halloween Halo Answers in Roblox Royale High

If you haven’t tried to obtain Halos in Royale High yet and this is your first time, there are a few things that you should beforehand.

Halos are extremely rare and they can only be obtained at random. If you’re lucky, you may get your hands on Halos quite easily, or if luck’s not your friend, it may take you hours and hours to get your first Halo.

Here is how it looked like last year:

Usually, Halos are obtained by getting the answers right in story contests. Basically, you’ll be given various stories.

At the end of each story, a question will be asked and you’ll be given 4 options to choose from.

At least one option among those 4 will earn you a Halo, but then again, you need luck to be on your side too! The other options may earn you nothing or you may be rewarded with Diamonds.

These stories have been played endless times by thousands of players and a large number of them have obtained the Halos too.

Even though they have shared their answers, choosing exactly those answers won’t yield the Halo for you, at times.

Now that you have a brief idea about Halos, let’s take a look at the answers to the stories in Halloween 2023 that should get you the Halloween Halo!

Halloween Halo 2023 Royale High Answers

I’ll go through each story and its creator to note the options that have the highest chance of getting you the Halloween Halo!

Wickery Cliffs is the realm for this event. The number of stories are also increasing every day. So far, there are 25 different stories!

If you don’t see the name of a certain story that you’re looking for, chances are that nobody has been able to get the Halo through this story yet.

A token of appreciation for Maf, who has been working endlessly and posting the Halo options for almost all the stories so far on her Twitter account. She’s also posting all the other rewards you can get from each story as well!

The current list is based on 14th of October, 2022. Expect the one for 2023 to be released as soon as the event begins.

Choose a path – 3QueenofMean/Luvharht

Option C – The Rocky Purple Path – from this story has the highest chance of getting you the Halo.

Hazel’s Pumpkins – Deathana23

No Halo could be obtained through this story so far.

Giant Scarecrow – yunoeias

Option C is your best bet for the Halo!

Make a Potion – NoahYuppers

Option B – the Kawaii Ghost Statuette – should get you the Halo.

Halloween Festival – SiderealStar

Both Option B – Invite a friend to come with you – and Option D – Decide not to go – gives you equal chances of winning the Halo. Go with your guts!

Fall Farmers Market – barbiedelights

barbiedelights Royale High Story

I’d recommend going for either Option C or Option D to increase your chances of getting Halo.

Friendly Dark Kitten – HealthyPoisoning

Again, Option B and Option D are your best bets!

Lost Black Cat – NovaKronk/Gxbri33iia

NovaKronk and Gxbri33iia Royale High Story

Option B has proven to be the most probable to get the Halo for this story.

Jinx’s Potion Brewery – xxAsraelia

Two options can get you Halo from this story. Option A – Elixir of Witches’ Wisdom and Option D – Flask of Arcane Almighty. You can go for either!

Choose a Pumpkin – Random_VanYT

Option A will get you the Halo as well as Diamonds and XP. If luck’s on your side, though, you might as well lose Diamons.

Choose a leaf – DarcyRicafortTeeYT/XxKateKunxX

DarcyRicafortTeeYT and XxKateKunxX royale high story

Again, Option B, “The Copper Leaf”, is the best option to choose to get the Halo.

Snowy Owl – Devellle

This one has very similar probabilities as the previous one and Option A is the best choice as well.

Halloween Costumes Chest – MiniAprilCupcakes

Trust your gut and go for either from Option B or Option D. I’m hopeful that you’ll get that Halloween Halo!

Old Stall Vendor – MinoRulez2468

MinoRulez2468 Royale High Story

The chances of winning the Halo from this story are actually 50%. Two options have a huge chance of getting you the Halloween Halo – Option A and Option D.

Butternut’s Stolen Acorns – EspressaBlox

EspressaBlox Royale High Story

Your best chances of getting the Halo from this story are Option B and Option C.

Maxwell the Ghost – luvlyhearts

Option B – The Basement – and Option C – The Library – have huge chances of getting you the Halo.

Forest’s Voice – likesleep124

Options A and C can be great choices to obtain the Halo.

Knitting Lady – TheDarkBrother

Option B is above all others when it comes to chances of getting the Halo from this story.

Fall Festival with Adam – Supxrstxllar

Supxrstxllar Royale High Story

The best options for you here are Option B and Option C.

Leaves Creature – QuantumSpacehole

Both Options A and B provide equal chances of getting the Halo.

Abandoned Mansion – iiDisney_Freak

Option C, which is “Walk through the Attic” and Option D, which is “Walk through the Pumpkin Greenhouse” should land you that Halloween Halo!

Graveyard Realm – animalcrossinggamer4

Option C has brought the Halo to players who played this story.

Fox – fawneri

Fawneri Royale High Story

Go for either of Option A or Option C to maximize your chances of getting the Halo!

Choose a homemade treat – taeatetea

taeatetea Royale High story

Choose the Cranberry Muffins (Option B) or Pumpkin Pie (Option D) as these have proven to reward the Halloween Halo in Roblox Royale High!

Wrapping Up

And that’s that for all the story answers for Halloween Halo in Roblox Royale High. Remember that, these answers have been proven for other players but since the Halo reward is quite random, these answers may or may not work for you.

But, since these have worked before, your chances are definitely higher than just blindly selecting a random answer!

I wish you all the best in getting the amazing Halloween Halo 2023!

Some in-game screenshots in this article were taken from YouTuber TauriWho to aid you better in understanding and selecting the right answers for the Halloween Halo!

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