Roblox Blox Fruits: How to Get Tushita

The Blox Fruits Tushita Puzzle is a secret puzzle that takes place in various locations throughout the Third Sea.

I will go over all the steps, on how to get Tushita on Roblox Blox Fruits. Completing this puzzle allows the player to fight the Longma boss, and obtain the Tushita sword from that boss.

The Third Sea also hides the secret of the Mirage Island (make sure to check the guide on that too!)

This will be a long journey, but the payoff will be well worth the effort.


Indra Raid Boss

Expert Notes:

  • It is recommended to have defeated Indra before trying this, so you can already have portal access.
  • It doesn’t matter which player summoned Indra, as long as it’s alive.
  • You won’t be able to start the puzzle if Indra isn’t alive.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s get into it.

Using a God’s Chalice, summon the raid boss Indra to begin the puzzle. While Indra is alive, head over to Hydra Island.

Hydra Island

Hydra Island

Once you find your way to Hydra Island, head over to the bottom of the waterfall.

Pass through the waterfall, and inside is a corridor with a stone door at the end. Break the door and enter the waterfall room, with a sheathed sword in the middle.

You will have to kill all the ghosts inside the room and then jump to the top of the waterfall, on the right side of the door.

Inside you will walk up to a massive door. If you followed the previous steps correctly and Indra is alive, the massive door will glow, meaning you can enter it. If it isn’t alive, it’ll be grey.

Upon entering the glowing door, you’ll be teleported to the entrance of the Floating Turtle.

Upon completing these steps, you will be halfway done with getting Tushita in Roblox Blox Fruits.

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Floating Turtle

Floating Turtle

Once you get teleported to Floating Turtle you will have a Holy Torch in your backpack and a 5-minute timer will begin.

You will be tasked to light five torches around Floating Turtle in a specific order.

Torch Location 1


The first torch location is inside the arches of this bridge.

Torch Location 2


The second torch location is behind the tree on the arch of this broken bridge.

Torch Location 3


The third torch location is hanging on a wall inside this pineapple house.

Torch Location 4


The fourth torch location is on this shipwreck near the Mythological Pirates.

Torch Location 5


The fifth torch location is on this house near the Forest Pirates.

Once the final torch is lit, a door will open near the Fishman Warriors and Fishman Raiders.

Though if the timer ends, and you were unable to light all the torches, they will burn out ending the puzzle. Also, if you make your way to the wrong torch, it won’t light up.

When you find the door, the boss Longma will be waiting for you to enter. When defeated, it drops the Tushita sword with a 100% chance.


These were all the steps, that will allow you to get Tushita in Roblox Blox Fruits. Though a bit time sensitive, it is definitely a worthy sword to get.

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Let us know in the comments down below if you are going after Tushita and if not what weapons you enjoy using in Roblox Blox Fruits.


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