Monster Hunter Now Affinity Guide & How to Improve It

Dealing a massive critical hit can change the outcome of a fight. In this guide, I will go over what Affinity is and how to improve it in Monster Hunter Now.

Dealing critical hits can allow players to turn the tables on any battle, but how are players supposed to deal those critical hits?

Those familiar with the Monster Hunter franchise will already know about Affinity, but for the newcomers that were drawn in by Monster Hunter Now. As a refresher, for everyone let’s go over everything you will need to know about Affinity.

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What Is affinity in Monster Hunter Now


Affinity is the game’s equivalent to Critical Chance, or how likely the weapon is to land a critical attack on the monsters.

In the main series, each weapon has an Affinity stat where the chance to perform extra damage is displayed as a percentage. If your weapon has a negative value for Affinity, then this will determine how likely you are to deliver a weak attack.

A critical hit will deal 25% bonus damage, whereas a weak attack due to negative Affinity will deal 25% less damage. Affinity does not apply to Elemental Damage but only to the raw damage of the weapon.

The easiest way to raise Affinity is by first getting a weapon that already has positive Affinity, and then equipping certain Armor Skills that raise affinity as well.

  • Critical Eye: Increases base Affinity
  • Weakness Exploit: Increases Affinity when hitting a monster’s weak points

Monster Hunter Now: Weapons and Armor that Change Affinity


Some weapons have a base affinity of 0% while others have a higher base affinity or even negative affinity.

I will list all the weapons that have a different affinity than the base one below:

WeaponWeapon TypeGrade 1 AffinityGrade 2 AffinityGrade 3 AffinityGrade 4 AffinityGrade 5 Affinity
Kulu ArrowBow5%10%10%15%15%
Archer’s DanceBow20%20%25%25%30%
Kulu BeakHammer5%10%10%15%15%
Crushing BeakHammer20%20%25%25%30%
Chaos ShattererHammer-30%-30%-30%-30%-30%
First DanceLong Sword5%10%10%15%15%
Last DanceLong Sword20%20%25%25%30%

There are also Armor equipment skills that affect Affinity, and I will list below all the different pieces and the Grades they unlock them in.

Armor PieceSkillsGrade Unlocked/Upgraded
Leather HeadgearCritical Eye Lv.1Unlocked at Grade 2
Kulu HeadpieceCritical Eye Lv.1Unlocked at Grade 4
Kulu VambracesCritical Eye Lv.1Unlocked at Grade 4
Kulu GreavesCritical Eye Lv.1Unlocked at Grade 2
Upgraded at Grade 6
Rathalos MailWeakness Exploit Lv.1Unlocked by Default
Upgraded at Grade 6
Rathalos GreavesWeakness Exploit Lv.1Unlocked at Grade 6

These are all the available options for players to affect their Affinity, while in the future as the game updates even more there could be even more options, or abilities that can change things.

Final Thoughts

Affinity is a subtle mechanic that players can use to their advantage when they play the game. It is easy to build around and allows for many useable builds that don’t work around the element system.

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With all the information about affinity broken down, and explained for Monster Hunter Now, you are ready to make new builds. Share your thoughts in the comments down below if this guide helped you understand the game’s mechanics better.


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