Monster Hunter Now Tips & Tricks to Play Better

When starting a new game there are things you can do better. In this guide, I will go over all the tips and tricks to play better in Monster Hunter Now.

There are many different things the game either doesn’t tell you or doesn’t explain properly. So here is a quick overview of six different tips and tricks that will make your overall experience better.

  • Know what you’re playing
  • Unlocking new weapon types
  • Monster Stars
  • Secondary Combos
  • Use your resources
  • Use non-elemental weapons

These few simple tips and tricks will make the overall experience better, and help you have more fun than before.

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Monster Hunter Now: Know What You’re Playing

The most basic prerequisite when trying out a new game. Know what you are playing, and what you want out of the game. Monster Hunter Now is a mobile game developed by Niantic.

The game has pretty good combat and it is fun. However, if you don’t usually get overly involved with mobile games, and want to try this game because of the Monster Hunter connection, be ready to deal with the limitations of a mobile game.

There are two different ways to play the game, and unfortunately, none of them compare to what the original had to offer, because the game is tied to your real-world location.

One way is to play in small bursts every hour or so and see what you can do, or you can play while moving around to new locations. You will be able to engage with new environments, and monsters, or even gather points.

Monster Hunter Now: Unlocking New Weapon Types


When you first start the game, your default option will be the sword and shield, but the game has more weapon types to offer.

As you play through the game, and increase your Hunter Rank you will want to try different things and figure out which weapon type is the one that fits your playstyle.

  • Completing the first stage of “Chapter 2: Shimmering Swamp” in the main story will unlock the Great Sword for players.
  • When players reach Hunter Rank 15 they will unlock the rest of the weapons available: the Bow, the Hammer, the Light Bowgun, and the Long Sword

Monster Hunter Now: Monster Stars

In Monster Hunter Now the star rankings are a very specific difficulty rating for the monster you’re currently looking at. In the original game, monster stars were referring to a monster species as a whole.

Streamlining it like this makes it easier to hunt different types of monsters.

Higher stars translate to more health, more damage, and more varied movesets to counter. In the beginning, it will be easy to take them down, but as you progress you will face greater challenges.

Monster Hunter Now: Secondary Combos


The weapons in Monster Hunter Now are a bit more complex than they first appear. Let’s use the sword and shield as an example to see what secondary combos are.

When you tap the screen you have a basic combo as long as you keep tapping, and if you hold down you can guard with the shield. Here is the cool part of this whole tip.

If you time it right and manage to block an incoming attack with your shield, you essentially use a counter-type attack, with the falling shield bash animation dealing a good bit of damage.

Experiment with all the different weapons, what they do, and how to best unlock the ability to do these secondary combos.

Monster Hunter Now: Use Your Resources

Resources have a cap in Monster Hunter Now. As you progress you will get something like an auto-gather feature, where your Palico will collect items even if your phone is locked.

If you don’t spend the resources while you have them, then you will reach a point where you won’t be able to gather anymore. So leave your hoarding habits behind, and use what you have.

Monster Hunter Now: Use Non-Elemental Weapons


Early on in your journey through Monster Hunter Now, focus on using non-elemental weapons as far as crafting goes.

As you raise your Hunter Rank elemental weapons can be more valuable, and allow you to deal with some boss weaknesses. On paper, it sounds like elemental weapons are the way to go.

But, and that is a big but, matching the element of your weapon to the weakness of the monster, also means you need to craft and maintain five of each weapon type to be ready or alternatively you can use non-elemental weapons.

Surely, you should take advantage of weakness, but having weapons to fall back to, that you know will deal a lot of damage, and is not restricted will make the grind easier.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes starting a new game can be daunting, and without the right advice, it can feel overwhelming.

If you are interested in trying out a specific weapon but are unsure of what you need to know, check out our guide on everything you need to know about the bow in Monster Hunter Now.

With all the different tips and tricks to play better in Monster Hunter Now, explored you are ready to go up against the monsters. Share your own tips and tricks in the comments down below, and anything else you find interesting about the game.


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