Monster Hunter Now Bow Guide – Everything You Need to Know

If medium-ranged attacks suit your playstyle, the bow is for you. In this guide, I will go over everything you need to know about the bow in Monster Hunter Now.

The bow is one of the 6 different weapons available to players, and it is unlocked at Hunter Rank 15. It is one of the two ranged options, along with the Light Bowgun.

All bows allow you to shoot charged arrows, and they can be charged up to four levels, with each level dealing more damage and having distinct effects. Even while charging a shot, your mobility is not crippled, and you can dodge out of the way.

The Special Skill “Dragon Piercer” uses all of the Hunter’s might to release an arrow that can pierce through anything

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Monster Hunter Now: Introduction to Bows


Let’s go over the basics of the bows, and what they have to offer players.

The bow has a basic shot, four levels of charged shots, and a special skill. These can be different depending on the bow you use.

Basics shots are done by quickly pressing to fire off a single arrow, then pressing again to fire a volley of three shots. The basic shots can be very useful, and allow you to strategically plan your next move while chipping down the monsters.

If you are too far away from your target, an “Out of Range” sign will appear on your screen, that’s why the bow is categorized as a medium-ranged weapon.

Charge shots are also easy to use. To charge a shot, simply long press until you see your Bow flash, then let go. Since the bow has four levels of charged shot, you will need to keep in mind that every time it flashes it goes up a charge level.

The bows have a Special Skill called Dragon Piercer. This skill launches an arrow that is capable of piercing through anything and can deal significant damage to monsters.

Lastly, some Bows can have a special coating on their arrows. Unfortunately, as of the game’s current release, only one type of coating can be found in the game, and that is the poison-type coating.

Poison-type Coating: Bows with this coating can poison monsters with enough shots.

When it comes to armor skills, bows have pretty straightforward needs. Sure there are the universally good ones like Attack Boost and Health Boost, but when it comes to bows specifically you want to look at two.

  • Focus: Reduces the charge time for charged shots, allowing you to attack the monster more frequently.
  • Poison Attack: Since Bows can only have Poison Coating right now, this can help you inflict poison faster.

The game offers bow users two different camera options.

  • Semi-Automatic: Semi-Automatic will always fix the center of the camera on the monster, and allow you to move the reticle relatively little.
  • Full Control: Full Control allows you to aim in all directions by moving your phone around.

Full Control is recommended, but it makes the game extremely uncomfortable, so in the beginning, make sure to change it. After you feel more at ease with the controls, you can give it a try to see if it fits your playstyle.

Monster Hunter Now: List of Bows Available


The game so far has ten different bows players can get. Here is a complete list of all the bows so far implemented into the game.

Keep in mind that each bow has either a different element, charge shot type, or even the ability to coat their arrows.

  • Aqua Bow: Jyuratodus Weapon Set – Water Element
  • Blazing Bow: Anjanath Weapon Set – Fire Element
  • Blooming Arch: Pukei Weapon Set – Poison Element
  • Diablos Bow: Diablos Weapon Set – No Element
  • Glacial Arrow: Legiana Weapon Set – Ice Element
  • Iron Bow: Metal Weapon Set – No Element
  • Kulu Arrow: Kulu Weapon Set – No Element
  • Princess Bow: Rathian Weapon Set – Poison Element
  • Pulsar Bow: Kadachi Weapon Set – Thunder Element
  • Rathslinger: Rathalos Weapon Set – Fire Element

Final Thoughts

Bows are a unique weapon type for mobile games like these, but Monster Hunter Now has overcome that hurdle and made the gameplay fun, and complex enough for players to enjoy.

If the limitations of the bow are giving you trouble with the DIablos Invasion event, check out our guide on how to defeat Black Diablos in Monster Hunter Now.

With everything you need to know about the bows laid out for Monster Hunter Now, you will feel assured taking up the bow later on. Share your thoughts in the comments down below about which weapons you enjoy using yourself.


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