Monster Hunter Now Referral Codes [NEW CODES]

Hunt epic monsters near you. In this guide, I will showcase all the working referral codes for Monster Hunter Now.

The world of Monster Hunter has become connected with our world. Following the base that Pokemon Go created, Monster Hunter Now wants players to head outdoors, explore, complete quests, collect materials, and fend off mighty monsters.

You will need to master various weapon types and improve your skills. Gather materials such as ore, monster bones, and plants from gathering points to upgrade your weapons and armor so you can hunt even more dangerous monsters.

If you want to try out a specific weapon, check out our complete guide on everything you need to know about the bow in Moster Hunter Now.

Monster Hunter Now List of Referral Codes


When you start Monster Hunter Now for the first time, it will ask you for a referral code. Any code can only be used 20 times a month, and if the code is used any more times than that, you won’t receive any rewards.

Monster Hunter Now Referral codes offer rewards to both the player who uses the code and the player who shares their code.

  • The player who uses the code will receive: Two paintballs, Three potions, and 1000 Zenny
  • The player who shares their code will receive: Three paintballs, Five potions, and 300 Zenny

Here is a list of referral codes you can try to use when you first start your game:

  • 08665E639
  • 22XXDFEE
  • 25M866WM
  • 25M866WM
  • 26JCCMKJ
  • 2932W6T3
  • 2FDP66H8
  • 2H5EW8CC
  • 2N2X5JW6
  • 2T3HX3J8
  • 34554YFT
  • 3683NTYT
  • 36KKF43D
  • 36KKF43D
  • 36KKF43D
  • 3C5WTM3F
  • 3KMK5EXY
  • 3N29F36M
  • 3N8YE96K
  • 3PEVM6J9
  • 3T2T46P5
  • 3T2T46P5
  • 3T2T46P5
  • 3T2T46P5
  • 3W4E2DR9
  • 3Y9HHTR6
  • 3Y9HHTR6
  • 45F4C9YW
  • 46DN38YM
  • 4E4V4ENK
  • 4R6HHKKV
  • 4R6HHKKV
  • 4W2XT6WV
  • 53KEEKWJ
  • 55MWH6E8
  • 55MWH6E8
  • 55TREH38
  • 55W66E69
  • 562PYFEY
  • 56ECE9PR
  • 56VYM6TT
  • 58X9KTNK
  • 5EFK33P5
  • 5HD6HVPE
  • 5KVW6KFK
  • 5KVW6KFK
  • 5NWY8NK6
  • 5R3N6RTF
  • 5R3N6RTF
  • 63CPDJ6T
  • 682VRY9R
  • 682VRY9R
  • 6J3J69E6
  • 6N8DEWKX
  • 6NC66DMM
  • 6NP5VXXD
  • 83NRWMMM
  • 8665E639
  • 8665E639
  • 86JDENV8
  • 86KF2DPJ
  • 86KF2DPJ
  • 8CXRD2JV
  • 8F4NFKYV
  • 8H286RMV
  • 8KY32EDF
  • 8T93EWTX
  • 8TX35YWC
  • 8W8MF9Y2
  • 8XN264WM
  • 92HHW89E
  • 9332YH95
  • 946R4MDD
  • 94P5RD83
  • 999PRF2V
  • 9CMF3F25
  • 9F82JR3F
  • 9H6J482H
  • 9TV9PYEJ
  • 9VW23VP5
  • 9XYJW598

If you find yourself having trouble using any of these codes you can also check the Reddit Megathread where players share their Referral Codes.

Monster Hunter Now: How to Use a Referral Code and How to Find Yours


First, let’s go over the steps you will need to follow in order to use any Referral Code.

  • Launch Monster Hunter Now
  • Create your character
  • Chosen a name
  • When asked about a Referral Code, press Yes
  • Copy any of the Referral Codes listed above
  • A message will appear saying the referral code user will be notified you’ve started playing Monster Hunter Now
  • Press Confirm

When you reach Hunter Rank 6 you will be given the rewards from the Referral Code, and you will also be given the ability to give out your own Referral Code to other players.

Here are the steps you will need to follow, to find your Referral Code in the game.

  • Press on your avatar in the lower corner of the Monster Hunter Now screen
  • Press the Friends tab
  • Press Add Friends
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page of the page to find our Monster Hunter referral code

Now that you have found your code you will be able to share it with others, and once someone uses it, you will be given the rewards.

Final Thoughts

Referral Codes are a fun way to engage people who play together with friends games like these, and they also entice them to bring even more people in to try the game out.

If you are having trouble dealing with the Diablos Invasion event, check out our guide on how to defeat Black Diablos in Monster Hunter Now.

With all the working Referral Codes laid out, and how to use them in Monster Hunter Now, you will be able to start the game and enjoy some rewards to help you out. Share your own Referral Code in the comments down below, to help each other.


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