Lovebrush Chronicles Tier List – ALL Characters Ranked

When it comes to gacha you will always need a handy tier list of all the characters ranked for Lovebrush Chronicles, to help you out when it comes to which ones you should pick.

Lovebrush Chronicles is a story-focused romance game, with gacha elements. if you are lucky enough and get an SSR from the gacha you might want to know how good it is.

Here is a quick overview of the SSR cards ranked amongst them.

S TierFlying Butterflies, Afternoon Nap, Shattering Stars, Waiting Cat, Lion the Big Cat, Elbon Rook, Captive of Past, High Society, Lord of North, Chess Payer, Quiet Night, Cage of Guilt,Castle in the Sky
A TierWhite Knight, Stargazer, Dojan Training, River of Memories, The Master of Law, Under the Wisteria, Serene Recital, Elegant Squire, Bookworm, Night Neon, Courtyard Reunion, Ragdoll, The Tower’s Legacy, Cage of Thorns, Tomorrow’s Glory, Unsheathed Blade, Banquet Encounter, Waiting of Spring, Breath of Nature, Lone Wolf in Snow, Grandmaster, Water Whispers, Water Lantern, Rolo Land, Passage of Wind, Dressage, Champagne Roses, Flower and Chains, Floral Alley, Fishing, Morning Light, Snow and Afar, Exploration, Hot Spring Date, European Journey, Electric Cat, Dawn and Dusk, Echoing Chirps, Snow and FLames, Frozen Lake Oath, Hitch of Gold, Hear the Silk Road, Climb to the Top
B TierSea of Dusk, The Final Hour, Leisure Hour, Temporary Model, Business Speech, Mirrored Scenery, In the Spotlight, Young Prince, Fresh Frass, Internship, Price to Pay, Beanie, Tranquil Island, Farewell Gift, Trail Retrospection, Heartfelt Melody, Promotion Time, Guidance in the Snow, A Wish, Astral Mend, Galloping Heart, Lost Maple Leaf, Break Time, Shall We Dance, Sleepy Eyes, Fountain Droplet, Soccer Prince, Under the Shade, Crown’s Weight, Tennis Expert, Sunny Breeze

With the overview of the tier list laid out, let’s go a little more into it.

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Lovebrush Chronicles: Gacha System


In order to get all those powerful SSR Illustra you will need to know how the gacha system of the game works.

Sketch will consume Old Dutch Paint to obtain different Illustra. Sketch x10 guarantees an SR Illustra.

If you have used Sketch 50 consecutive times without obtaining an SSR Illustra, the rate of obtaining an SSR Illustra is increased by 2% for every additional Sketch until the 70th Sketch.

If you have used Sketch 70 times without obtaining an SSR Illustra, the rate of obtaining an SSR Illustra is increased by 5.8% for every additional Sketch.

If you use Sketch 79 times without obtaining an SSR, you will be guaranteed one on the 80th Sketch.

After obtaining an SSR Illustra, the rate is reset to 2%. Illustras with the same rarity have an equal chance of being obtained, with the possibility evenly split among them.

Lovebrush Chronicles: SSR Illustra Versus Other Rarities


In games with a gacha system, it is always a question of whether newly pulled high-rarity Illustras are better than lower-rarity Illustras with crowns.

In Loveburn Chronicles an upgraded SSR, will always be better than the lower rarity Illustras, and players should prioritize leveling them up first.

Lovebrush Chronicles: S-Tier Illustras


Let us go over the best Illustras in the Lovebrush Chronicles.

  • Flying Butterflies
  • Afternoon Nap
  • Shattering Stars
  • Waiting Cat
  • Lion the Big Cat
  • Elbon Rook
  • Captive of Past
  • High Society
  • Lord of North
  • Chess Payer
  • Quiet Night
  • Cage of Guilt
  • Castle in the Sky

Final Thoughts

Lovebrush Chronicles has a wide variety of Illustras for players to get from the gacha system, and a lot of them are really strong to use in the game.

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With the tier list laid out, and all the characters ranked for Loveburn Chronicles you will be ready to use what the Gacha Gods give you. Share your thoughts in the comments down below, and which is your favorite character in the game so far.


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