Lies of P: How to Beat Simon Manus (Final Boss Guide)

If you’ve managed to reach the final boss and are having a hard time defeating it, here’s how to beat Simon Manus in Lies of P.

The boss has two phases and thus you’ll need to defeat it twice. The second phase is especially infamous for how challenging it can get due to its rapid and long-range AoE attacks.

In this final boss guide, I will explain how to beat Simon Manus in Lies of P and showcase the best build for this fight.

Your best ally for this fight will be throwables, so make sure to check out our guide on how to get more Thermite in Lies of P. Stock up on Thermite before the fight and you’ll be good to go.

Best Build for Simon Manus

Simon Manus boss guide in Lies of P - How to beat & best build to use.

In terms of the best build for Simon Manus, I recommend the Big Pipe Wrench Head & Handle combo, as it’s one of the hardest-hitting weapons in Lies of P. With its fable art, you can deal phenomenal damage in one attack.

To experiment a bit more with weapons, check out our list of the best weapon combos in Lies of P.

As for P-Organ upgrades, prioritize anything that increases amulet slots and Pulse Cell uses, as long as upgrades that make enemies easier to stagger.

How to Beat Simon Manus Phase 1 – Arm of God

Simon Manus boss guide in Lies of P - How to beat phase 1.

The first phase of Simon Manus, the Arm of God, is the easiest of the two phases. The arena is large and you’ll be able to keep your distance consistently.

Once you’re in a mid-range distance from the boss, it will perform a specific two-move attack pattern where it does two wide swings, one left and one right. After the two swings, you’ll be able to move behind it and start attacking.

You can repeat this strategy for the entire phase since you can keep forcing the boss to perform the same move by keeping your distance.

More importantly, do not use any throwables in this phase. You will need them for the next one.

To make this phase even easier, consider using a Specter. This will keep the boss locked on the Specter and you’ll be able to position behind it and get some free damage.

Keep in mind that if the boss is locked on the Specter, it will still do the same wide swings as before. Even if you’re behind it, you may need to dodge a bit to avoid them as they have extremely big AoE.

Once the boss’ HP reaches 0, this phase is over and you’re ready for the next and final phase.

How to Beat Simon Manus Phase 2 – Awakened God

Simon Manus boss guide in Lies of P - How to beat phase 2.

To beat Simon Manus, Awakened God in Lies of P, make sure to keep your Specter on full HP and use all your throwables.

The most important thing here is to spam throwables with caution. Even if you have a Specter, the boss will occasionally lock on you so make sure you’re not caught off guard with a throwable in your hand.

Also, try and position yourself so that you’re close enough to consistently hit your throwables but not too close to get hit by any close-range attacks.

And that’s it. Use all your throwables carefully and hit the boss a few times with your Wrench weapon and you’ll beat it without trouble.

Wrapping up

To summarize this final boss guide, you can beat Simon Manus in Lies of P by using a Specter, hitting it with your weapon in Phase 1 between attacks, and using all your throwables in Phase 2.

As long as you’re patient enough and wait for the boss to attack before attacking back, you’ll be able to defeat it without worrying about running out of Pulse Cells.

How many tries did it take you to defeat this boss? Did you try a different strategy? Feel free to share your best builds and tactics in the comments below.


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