How to Play Stu in Brawl Stars

Stu is definitely not the most popular Epic in Brawl Stars, but with a bit of practice, you can still be pretty successful playing Stu. And I am here today to share everything you need to know about Stu and how to play him right.

For starters, Stu is now an Epic assassin (he was Common when originally introduced). He has a fast charging Super, which allows him to quickly skate around the battlefield, and deals decent damage.

Stu’s kit

Stu Starting Stats in Brawl Stars
Stu’s starting stats in the game

Attack: Razzle Dazzle is his main attack. It fires off two high damage-dealing fireworks in quick succession. On hit they will charge Stu’s Super, letting you charge it up quickly. This attack has a pretty long range, making Stu one of the few long-ranged assassins in the game.

Super: Nitro Boost is his super – a short burst forward that knocks back any enemies in the way, but which also leaves flames behind, setting on fire all those who touch them. These flames cause damage over time, but they cannot charge Stu’s Super.


Stu Gadget

Speed Zone is the least popular imho: he drops a booster that makes himself, his teammates and other allies move faster while inside its area of effect. It has a 7 tile radius and doesn’t stack with other speed boosts.

The more popular choice is Breakthrough: Stu’s next Super can bash through obstacles, making debris fly forward, causing damage to any opponent hit.

This is the Gadget I recommend getting, but it really depends on what type of game you play and if you want to be more of a support or not. If it’s the former, Speed Zone might be more useful.

And speaking of game modes, make sure to also look at our Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks for Solo Showdown.

Star Power

Stu Star Power

For his Star Power, things are easy: go with Gaso-Heal, which heals Stu when he uses his super.

The other Star Power is Zero Drag. It increases the range of Nitro Boost by 71%, but is not as useful overall, in my opinion.

Tips on playing Stu in Brawl Stars

Stu in Brawl Stars

The generic tips and tricks for playing Brawl Stars apply here as well, but apart from the ones shared above, I have some more things to comment and help you get the most out of this character.

Although Stu has a low health pool, his ability to have his Nitro Boost up fast for a quick escape gives him a lot of survivability.

With this, he can easily dodge around Brawlers that can normally take him out with burst damage. Nitro Boost can also be used to close the gap between ranged Brawlers easily, and once you get the Gadget and Star Powers, things get even better.

Stu is a great Brawler to use in Brawl Ball. He can use Nitro Boost to knock the ball out of enemy hands. He also excels in Solo and Duo Showdown, because he can poke enemies and quickly retreat, although in these game modes we have better options.

And these would be my tips for playing Stu in Brawl Stars. Do you have any extra to share? Also – do you like playing Stu or do you have a different favorite brawler? Let us all know by sharing your thoughts below!

Calin Ciabai

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