6 Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks for Solo Showdown

Brawl Stars has been around since 2018, but as of late it seems to have received a boost in popularity. My son started playing it, I started to play it once more and it’s better than ever.

Today I’ll be tackling some good practices and tips you should know for for Solo Showdown, so you have better chances at winning.

If you haven’t played a Solo Showdown, then you should know it’s a match of 10 players playing with no teams.

The objective of the game is to be the last one standing. Whenever a player is defeated or when a crate is opened, Power Cubes will drop – these cubes increase the Brawler’s health and attack damage.

The longer you survive in a match, the more rewards you get, but you’ll have to pay attention to the poisonous gas that slowly and steadily shrinks the map and brings players closer together. Yes, it’s obviously a battle royale mode. Now, let’s check out the tips!

1. Get the right build

Before any match, you should focus on getting the correct build for the Brawler you want to play as.

Let’s use a practical example: Crow. When playing Crow in a match, it’s very common to see players choosing the Carrion Crow star power, as it is very flashy and effective.

I mean, it deals over 152 damage with its main attack when the enemy is below 50% HP, and the poison deals extra damage, which is pretty deadly.

And although Carrion Crow is a favorite of mine for duo Showdown, it is definitely not my first choice for doing it solo.

My main goal, and advice to you, is to focus on surviving for as long as possible, and to achieve that, you’ll have to go with the Extra Toxic star power.

The reason for this is that Extra Toxic gives you a 25% damage reduction, and it applies against all enemies. So, in my opinion, receiving 25% less damage always is far more important than dealing higher damage sometimes.

So, pick your Brawler and make sure to choose the gadget and star power that most increases your lifespan, because in the end the winner is the player that survives the longest, not the one who kills the most opponents.

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2. Make the most out of Modifiers

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There are multiple modifier matches in Brawl Stars. Players can choose to not play a modifier at all; it might be a bit boring, but it is consistent and predictable, which is good for beginners. Here are some I like to focus on:

Energy Drink

You can choose the Energy Drink – or ED – modifier, which is an incredibly random one.

The Energy Drink spawns at a random location on the map from time to time, and gives the player who drinks it twice the damage they usually deal, and a speed boost of 200 points.

If you spot one or more players using ED, then my suggestion is to lay low, camp out near the borders, and wait for them to go full Rambo on each other.

When the dust settles, go out and finish off the survivors. It might feel like a coward’s approach, but when facing a bunch of enemies on steroids, it’s best to play smart.

Angry Robo

When playing with the Angry Robo modifier, a huge robot will spawn and attack the closest Brawler, even if they are hiding in a bush.

When the Robo is defeated, the player who defeated it will receive three Power Cubes, making their own life much easier. Do keep in mind that the robot never spawns on the five middle tiles.

Healing Mushrooms

Healing Mushrooms is quite a good modifier, but not if you are playing solo Showdown, so no point in wasting your time with those.

The reason this modifier is no good for solo Showdowns is that it spawns green mushrooms that heal any player near them by 1k HP per second, prolonging the match by way too long.

Meteor Shower

As the name suggests, this modifier makes meteors rain down on players. They can fall pretty much anywhere on the map, and they deal 2k damage to any Brawler they hit, knocking them back and destroying obstacles.

The meteors also interrupt any attack or super the Brawler is using, so steer clear of those. I really don’t feel like this modifier is ideal for solo Showdowns.

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3. Don’t just camp all match

Camping is not the best approach to solo Showdowns unless you are playing with the ED modifier. If you do wish to camp, just make sure to steer clear of the center, as it’ll be the first place people will storm.

Instead, you should hide in larger bushes, preferably near the edges of the map. Once you’ve selected a spot, immediately look out for your next hiding spot, as the edges of the map will fill with poison fast.

4. Get those power cubes

Right when the match begins, head over to the power cube boxes, preferably the ones no one is paying attention to. If you can, collect a sizable amount, as you’ll get a huge power spike in the game.

If you don’t feel like bursting the power cubes open right at the start, then know you can use those boxes to hide behind.

That way, when opponents try to hit you, they’ll be attacking the box instead, and you can just sprint through and collect the Power Cube, giving yourself the upper hand.

However, don’t try it out against Brawlers who can attack multiple targets at once, such as Tara, Sandy, or Penny.

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5. Be careful with the bushes

Whenever you want to check a bush, make sure to keep some distance, as an enemy Brawler could be hiding in there to get the jump on you.

It’s best to keep a safe distance until you’re sure the bush is safe unless you want to get ambushed by an enemy who might already have Power cubes in his or her possession.

And if you’re playing a close-range Brawler, I’d recommend you just steer clear of the bushes entirely.

6. Keep a safe distance

Last but not least of of my solo Showdown Brawl Stars tips is to keep a safe distance. This one is for long-range Brawlers.

Provoke other Brawlers to fight you, preferably mid to close-range Brawlers, while keeping yourself away from the fight.

Attack Brawlers from the distance, forcing them into dangerous areas, such as the poisonous cloud or places with other players fighting in it.

It took me quite a while to start consistently surviving and thriving (and winning) in solo Showdowns, but I have learned a lot from others as I play against them. So do the same – always look at what is working for others and apply the same strategies.

What other tips do you have for those looking to survive longer in Solo Showdowns in Brawl Stars?

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