Genshin Impact Fragment of Childhood Dreams Guide

Patch 3.0 is finally upon us in Genshin Impact after a long and anticipated time! I had high expectations but the developers have managed to break them completely and even bring more to the table than expected!

The new Sumeru region offers very interesting and unique dungeons and places to explore. One of the more interesting ones is definitely the Fragment of Childhood Dreams.

In this guide, I will be going over the details on how to unlock it, and then how to finish it completely. Let’s get started!

Genshin Impact  Fragment of Childhood Dreams – How To Unlock

You must first arrive at this spot. It will be under the bridge in a little gap that you can only enter by gliding and flying on the side.

When you enter there, you will be confronted by a couple of opponents. You must eliminate them all.

Once they’re all dead, activate the large cube next to the enemy. You will now watch a short sequence displaying the waterfall.

Continue along the path where the enemies were last seen. This is the cave that you must enter.

Continue to follow the tunnel, traveling further and deeper into the cave. When you reach the finish, you will notice a large opening within the cave. 

Totems will now be placed across this vast and dark cave. The aim is to locate and activate all of these 4 totems. You will need to strike them with Jack in order to activate them.

First Totem

This one will be literally on your way in. Just look for this ruined building and get inside of it.

Second Totem

This one will be sealed behind the large gate with the shield in front of it. To get inside, zap to this nearby and secret spot or just jump in the gap shown in the picture. 

Continue by jumping down and striking the totem behind the barrier.

Third Totem

As you can see, you must first activate this bonus and buff in the middle. Once you have that, proceed to discharge an arrow at the stones that contain the Totems. 

This is how you’ll break them and bring the totem to life.

Fourth Totem

After breaking open the stone in the highlighted circle above, you will climb the wall behind it and cross the little bridge on top. This is the location of the totem.

Once all of the totems have been deactivated, activate the Cube in the center.

On the very bottom level of this section, a chest will now emerge. You’ll want to leap all the way to the bottom. But be careful when you get here since there will be enemies and monsters all over the area. 

You will be able to unlock this secret door once you have removed all of them.

You’ll be able to take out your bow and start shooting at the floating constructions from here.

Don’t forget to summon the Dendrogana, of course. Switch into Aloy or Collei and charge your bow. Aim at these targets and fire.

The floating structure will continue to move lower. When you fire it twice, the new domain – Fragment of Childhood Dreams will become available.

In the end, it’s not all about defeating traditional bosses, like the Thunder Manifestation, right?

Genshin Impact  Fragment of Childhood Dreams

Once you unlock the Fragment of Childhood Dreams, you will be able to enter it. The name of the dungeon is called The Jungle of Inverted Dreams. 

The location for it is the same as the previous one(shown above).

A good team to start doing this raid would be the following:

  • Xiao
  • Collei
  • Kamisato Ayaka
  • Jean

When you first enter this domain, you will encounter a few enemies. Take them all out, they’re only little mushrooms, and you’ll be able to open the treasure on your left. Loot it for valuables. Then proceed down the road.

When you reach the large open space, look to your right for another chest. Simply move to the right, beat the enemies, and loot it.

Following that, you should take the link that will take you all the way up. This way, you’ll have the choice of activating the button, which will open up a bridge for you to go over.

You can leap down and zap to the place indicated by the second arrow on the picture. It will be right outside the door.

When you arrive, you’ll see another button to activate. When you activate it, another bridge will form, this time on top of you.

The following stop is all the way down. Glide down and beat the large mini-boss engine machine sort of adversary.

Be careful since he can deliver a lot of damage and is quite tanky. Once he’s dead, pick up the object in the center to spawn something.

You must now proceed to this little structure and activate the – Summon Dendrograna. Once you get the buff, you will use your bow to shoot the newly created small floating objects.

The goal here is to just keep shooting the floating item that is moving. You’ll shoot the first one, and then another will arrive. You will fire it this time when the second stops moving. Then another appears, and so on.

It will fly inside the cave and open up the shield that is surrounding the flower in the cave once it completes a full circuit, and you will fire it one final time (shown in the picture above, inside the cave). 

Pick up the item it will hand you and begin climbing again. You can climb to your feet by hopping on the bouncing blue mushrooms, then zapping higher.

Now you need to get as high as possible, on the highest possible level. You can use the zaps to get all the way to the floating island. Get on the floating island and it will take you even higher.

Get to this large gate. Make sure you have all of the buffs from the first floor (the three floating objects surrounding you, the Dendrogama) and the gate will open.

Once inside, you’ll face off against two of the previous mini-bosses. When you kill them, you will receive the large treasure in the middle and the domain will be finished!

As mentioned above, there are plenty of heroes you can use for the job, but you will never go wrong with one of the best in the game. For that purpose, make sure to check out my previous Ganyu super build.


That is how you unlock the Fragment of Childhood Dreams and that is how you finish it.

It is definitely one of the most interesting dungeons in Genshin Impact in my opinion. It offers lots of enemies to beat, very interesting puzzles, and very good rewards in the end!

Do let me know down in the comments below, which is your favorite dungeon in the new Sumeru area?

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