Eternal Return: Best Jackie Build & Guide

Character builds are a way for players to personalize their path to victory. In this guide, I will showcase the best Jackie build, in Eternal Return.

Jackie has four different playstyles, but this guide will focus on her highest-used weapon, the axe.

I will go in-depth over Jackie’s skills, her level path up to level 15, her two best augment choices, and the item build path.

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Eternal Return: Jackie’s Skills and Weapon


Jackie’s weapon of choice is the Axe. Axes are strong hitters but are slow to strike, making slightly delayed attacks their strong point.

Maleficent Helix: After attacking four times Jackie can activate the skill to deal a large amount of damage in a small AOE, as well as heal her. The skill has no cooldown and it can be used to greatly boost your damage output.

This is a table of the Axe in-game modifiers:

Axe StatisticsPercentages
Basic Attack Amplification2.7%
Skill Amplification3.9%

Now let’s take a look at Jackie’s skills.

Passive – Bloodfest – No Cost / Passive

If Jackie downs or kills an enemy that took damage within 3 seconds, her basic skill cooldown resets.

If Jackie deals damage with a skill, she gives the target Bleeding. Jackie deals additional skill damage with her basic attack to targets with Bleeding and the duration of Bleeding is renewed.

1st Skill – Hack & Slash – SP cost: 50 / 9 Second cooldown

Jackie swings her weapon in the targeted direction, dealing skill damage.

If she hit an enemy with Hack & Slash, she can reuse the skill. Upon reuse, she slightly moves forward and swings her weapon in the targeted direction, dealing skill damage.

2nd Skill – Adrenaline Burst – SP cost: 50 / 13 Second cooldown

Jackie’s bursting adrenaline causes her to move faster. While active, she gains additional movement speed when moving toward bleeding enemies, and attacking bleeding enemies restores her based on her lost HP.

3rd Skill – Leaping Strike – SP cost: 60 / 17 Second cooldown

Jackie jumps to the targeted location, dealing damage to enemies nearby.

Ultimate – Chainsaw Murderer – SP cost: 120 / 70 Second cooldown

Jackie starts her deadly chainsaw. Her basic attacks deal additional skill damage, and the duration of Chainsaw Murderer is increased if she helps kill an enemy test subject. After a certain amount of time, she can use Massacre.

Massacre: Jackie swings the chainsaw in a large area around her, dealing skill damage based on the enemy’s lost HP.

Eternal Return: Augments and Level Path


Augments are passive bonuses players can select before the start of a match to enhance their character’s capabilities and statistics.

These are divided into 3 categories:

  • Havoc (Offensive Firepower),
  • Fortification (Sustain & Crowd Control)
  • Support (Utility Combat Aid)

Each category is further broken down into Core and Sub augments.

They consist of 1 Core and 2 Sub augments from a single category, paired with 2 Sub augments from a different category. Augment slots can then be picked during Character selection, or attached to a custom item build.

The best Augments for Jackie are Havoc, and Support.

For the core of Havoc, you will want to pick Red Sprite, while for the two subs Stopping Power, and Anima Reaper.

For the two subs of Support, you will want to pick Penny Pincher and Theia.

Now when it comes to a level path here is what to put your points in as you level up.

Lvl 1Lvl 2Lvl 3Lvl 4Lvl 5Lvl 6Lvl 7Lvl 8Lvl 9Lvl 10Lvl 11Lvl 12Lvl 13Lvl 14Lvl 15

This is the best Augments, and level path you will want to use with Jackie, in Eternal Return.

Eternal Return: Item Build Path


All craftable items require two other items for their recipe, where the items could either be equipped or be inside the inventory.

When a character starts crafting, they visibly channel a crafting animation and play sound effects. The total time of channeling depends on the rarity of the item being crafted, with higher-tier items taking longer to craft. 

For each character, you will choose an item build to work toward. That item build will be your victory condition.

There are five distinct equipment slots for characters: Weapon, Chest, Head, Arm, and Leg. For Jackie here are the items you will build towards.

  • Weapon: Harpe – Epic/Axe
  • Chest: Rocker’s Jacket – Epic/Chest
  • Head: Diadem – Epic/Head
  • Arm: Sheath of Shah Jahan – Epic/Arm
  • Leg: Glacier Crampons – Epic/Leg

Final Thoughts

With so many different possible builds you will have a lot of things to try out and figure out what you them to do, and how you want to go about doing that.

In order to make use of this you will need to know how to raise your levels, so check out our guide on how to level up fast, in Eternal Return.

Knowing the best build for Jackie, in Eternal Return will save you a lot of time when figuring everything out. Let us know in the comments down below if you are willing to try out this different build on Jackie, and if you are open to trying out other characters.


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