Eternal Return: How to Level Fast

The higher your level, the bigger your advantage against your opponents. In this guide, I will go over how to level up fast, in Eternal Return.

Since the goal is for you to be the last experiment standing among all of them, so here is what you will need to know.

There is a variety of ways to increase your masteries and gain levels in the game. But not all methods are created equal, and not all masteries carry the same amount of risk involved.

Here are the three ways to increase your level fast, while staying out of danger.

  • The Search Mastery
  • The Craft Mastery
  • The Hunt Mastery

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Eternal Return: Leveling Basics


The game has a unique system that affects how a player levels up. It is called the mastery system.

Each time a character takes an action, they earn experience towards a certain mastery. Earning enough experience will rank the mastery up, which will in turn level the character up, making them stronger and granting them a skill point.

These skill points will be in turn used to invest them back into your skills. you can upgrade five skills: Q 1st skill, W 2nd skill, E 3rd skill, R Ultimate, and your Passive.

With each level up aside from the skill points, you will also get a specific bonus to the character’s statistics.

Here are the masteries currently in the game:

Combat Masteries

  • Weapon Mastery: Increased by crafting weapons and by dealing damage to test subjects or wild animals.

Map Masteries

  • Hunt Mastery: Increased by dealing damage to or taking damage from wild animals.
  • Craft Mastery: Increased by crafting Items such as Weapons, Armor, and Food.
  • Search Mastery: Increased by opening containers, air supplies, gathering, and turning on security consoles.
  • Move Mastery: Increased by moving 50m, traveling to different areas, and crafting leg armor.

Character Masteries

  • Health Mastery: Increased by losing 100 HP or taking 100 damage and by crafting food.
  • Defense Mastery: Increased when receiving damage from traps, enemies, and wild animals. Increased when killing enemies or wild animals, and crafting head armor.
  • Meditation Mastery: Increased by losing or spending 100 SP and by crafting beverages.
  • Trap Mastery: Increased by dealing trap damage to enemies or wild animals, taking trap damage, placing traps, and crafting traps.

The maximum level is 20, and with each level up your max HP, and SP increase.

The Search Mastery


The Search Mastery increases with every container, air supply, gathering you open. Since all these can be found lying around you will be able to go in, open them, take any items you will need, and then move on.

The amount of EXP is not that much, and you can only gain it the first time you open them, but despite that, it is well worth it. You will be able to get in and get out avoiding unnecessary conflict.

In this mastery, you will also be able to obtain EXP by turning on security consoles.

The Craft Mastery


The Craft Mastery increases each time you craft items such as weapons, armor, and food.

In each game, you will pick a build path, and crafting toward that will be your victory condition. Items that help that victory condition are very important to pick up while searching.

The items your build needs are highlighted with a yellow triangle. Only craft those items to avoid wasting materials, and after you are done with your build you can craft food or items of high rarity.

The Hunt Mastery


The Hunt Mastery is the only quick method that requires you to fight. Wild animals spawn at the start of each game. They vary in level and strength, and this level increases as the game progresses.

This is the full list of the wild animals that appear in the game.

  • Chicken
  • Bat
  • Boar
  • Dog
  • Wolf
  • Bear

There are also Androids that you will be able to find, and fight. Androids are stronger than animals and drop rare and useful items, with some of them even providing additional buffs to their slayer for a limited time.

This is the full list of Androids that appear in the game.

  • Alpha
  • Omega
  • Wickeline

Early on when you know that you are safe, going after the wild animals will help out a lot. The extra levels will help increase your skills, and make a difference when you go into fights.

Final Thoughts

Levels are really important, especially when they can affect your chances of survival on the battlefield.

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Learning how to increase your levels fast, in Eternal Return is essential. Especially when your opponents feel tougher than you. Let us know in the comments down below, which masteries have helped you out so far, and which ones you feel are essential.


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