Eternal Return: Best Characters for Beginners

Currently, the game has 65 different characters to offer. In this guide, I will go over which are the best characters for beginners, in Eternal Return.

Eternal Return is a free-to-play, 2.5D perspective Battle Royale game. It takes players to search, craft, hunt, and fight using a variety of characters.

It’s important to know which characters are best to use as a beginner because that way players will be able to focus on understanding, and learning the game’s mechanics.

Here are the seven characters that are best for beginners to familiarize themselves with the game:

  • Nadine
  • Li Dailin
  • Fiora
  • Chiara
  • Magnus
  • Bernice
  • Yuki

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Eternal Return: Basic Information about Characters


Each character is unique, with different strengths and weaknesses, and their own playstyle.

Different characters also have different weapons at their disposal, while some of them have certain items exclusive to them.

Characters become stronger by gaining bonuses to their statistics as their level goes up, which increases whenever they gain ranks in their masteries.

Additionally, augments are a set of perks that can be picked before a match begins that provide useful passive effects.

Every player has access to 5 characters temporarily from a rotating schedule. The free rotation is changed on Wednesday each week.

To unlock characters permanently, players must spend A-Coins, a currency earned by playing the game. Another option is to unlock characters with the game’s cash currency, or Event currency which is obtained from promotions and events.

Players can also earn Yuki, Hyejin, and Eva for free by completing the Basic Tutorial course. If any of these characters are already owned by the player, the game will refund their full A-Coins cost instead.

1. Eternal Return: Nadine


Nadine in solos generally plays the same as your typical damage dealer.

You have high DPS just by auto-attacking. Her character revolves around killing animals. The more animals you kill, the more damage your ultimate and Q does. Her kit is relatively simple otherwise.

You even have tools to disengage from a fight. The hardest thing to note with her is farming efficiently and learning animal spawn points, but this is a skill everyone should learn.

2. Eternal Return: Li Dailin


Li Dailin revolves around managing her BAC or blood alcohol content. Her BAC is what allows her to cast her spells instead of SP like the rest of the cast. If you have zero BAC, you can cast your spells but you are losing out on damage.

How you want to play her is auto attack in-between spells. Her main spell is her Q, which is her mobility button. She does three dashes and you want to auto between each dash for optimal damage.

And the last thing unique about her is that she gains attack speed if you drink alcohol-based drinks, which are items with alcohol in them such as Flower Liqueur or Whiskey Cocktails.

But once you know how to manage your BAC bar and make sure you make alcohol-based drinks, she’s not that difficult to handle.

3. Eternal Return: Fiora


I am mainly going to highlight the two-handed sword Fiora because you play her differently than rapier or spear Fiora.

You mainly play her as an auto attacker, using your E to chase and using your ultimate to activate Diamond Shard so you can live longer. When you are going to get hit with crowd control effects, you have a two-handed sword weapon skill, Parry.

Parry, makes you immune to damage for a short period. Knowing the best time to Parry is one of the harder things about Fiora as well as managing your passive.

You get bonus effects on each of your spells when you have max stacks so knowing when you reach max stacks is crucial.

4. Eternal Return: Chiara


Chiara is quite simple to play. You activate your shield, use her E, use your ultimate, and reactivate it when the opponent is low on health or your ultimate is about to end.

If you play tank, don’t expect to kill anyone doing this. But on crit builds, you can snowball easily using this combo. And once you are fed enough, you don’t even need to worry about using your E.

Other than landing E, the hardest thing about Chiara is avoiding fights without her ultimate. You want to use your shield, root your opponent, and hit your Q on your opponent to build up Stigma stacks to get the bonus movement speed. 

5. Eternal Return: Magnus


For Magnus, the bat is easier than the hammer, mainly because when using the bat Magnus is auto-attack-focused.

For Magnus, your game plan is to hit someone into a wall. Auto-attack them a few times, and before they lose their stun, use your bat skills. Reapply stun on them by pushing them into the wall, and continue to auto-attack them.

If you mistime anything and they manage to run, use your Q. If they have low health, use your ultimate to finish them off. Magnus is good at running from fights. Between landing his wall stun or using his E, and then hitting your Q to slow your opponents.

If worse comes to worse, you use your ultimate and bike away. The biggest weakness with Magnus is needing a wall. Not all areas of the map work with Magnus so you might want to hang out in certain zones and wait for people to be caught off guard.

6. Eternal Return: Bernice


 Bernice is another auto-attack-focused character.

You use your Q to slow people so you can auto-attack them more. You have bear traps that your opponent can step on and get rooted. And your E lets you continue chasing people.

Bernice is good at chasing people, and he is strong against melee characters. Where he falls short, is when he goes against most of the ranged cast, or people chasing after him.

His kit is straightforward, which makes him the perfect candidate for beginners, in Eternal Return.

7. Eternal Return: Yuki


With Yuki, you have your Q, which is a high-damage basic attack spell, as well as a dash.

His passive gives him something known as Cufflinks, and this gives him a bonus damage per auto or spell. His W refills his Cufflinks.

Cufflinks will automatically refill for you. In combat though, using your W at the best time is something, new players do struggle with. Yuki’s true strength truly shines when players learn how to manage to play around going in and out of combat.

What this means is that you ideally want to hit your E, then your Q, and auto-attack them. After that leave to let your Q come off of cooldown. He is generally not an all-in auto-attacker, and that can trip up players.

Final Thoughts

The game has a massive roster, and once players understand the game’s mechanics, they will be able to pick and choose their favorite characters.

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Knowing the best characters for beginners makes your early hours in Eternal Return much more manageable. Let us all know in the comments down below, which characters have you found enjoyable, and are there any characters you want to check out?


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