Dead by Daylight: The Spirit Best Perks & Build

The spirit is a high-risk high-reward killer in Dead by Daylight. While her power is hard to use properly, mastering it can end up making survivors feel powerless.

Based on our latest tier list in Dead by Daylight, Spirit is considered an S-Tier killer. Her kit allows her to traverse the map quickly, constantly apply pressure, cut chases short, and even mindgame survivors.

Her movement speed is fairly slow at 4.4m/s or 110%, but she’s significantly faster while phasing. In addition, contrary to The Nurse, her base movement speed is faster than survivors.

This means she isn’t forced to use her power during chases and can simply hit survivors who are running in a straight line.

The Spirit’s Perks Explained

Similar to all killers, The Spirit comes equipped with 3 unique perks: Spirit Fury, Rancor, and Hex: Haunted Ground. Here’s how each of them works.

Spirit Fury

After destroying two pallets, the next time you get stunned by a pallet it gets instantly destroyed. While the effect can seem a bit underwhelming on its own, it can make a huge difference with the help of a second perk: Enduring.

Enduring reduces the stun effect after being hit by a pallet. With this combo, when a survivor stuns you and Spirit Fury is active, you’ll be able to instantly catch up to them.


When any generator gets completed you see the aura of all survivors and the obsession sees your aura. When the last generator gets repaired, you can instantly down (exposed) and kill (mori) the obsession.

It’s a decent perk for info whenever generators get repaired but that’s all. Since the obsession sees your aura when generators are completed, they will know you’re running Rancor and do everything possible to avoid you when the exit gates are powered.

Hex: Haunted Ground

Creates two hex totems in the map which when broken make survivors exposed for 60 seconds. A solid perk since survivors almost always try and break hex totems.

If you can get one or two survivors hooked when it activates, it has done its job. In addition, it can be paired with other hex perks to force survivors to start breaking hex totems.

Best Add-ons for the Spirit

Add-ons are a great way to add variation to each killer’s gameplay and The Spirit has some amazing options available.

Mother-Daughter Ring & Dried Cherry Blossom

The first add-on significantly increases the Spirit’s movement speed while phasing, while the second triggers killer instinct whenever survivors get close (4 meters).

Both add-ons remove the ability to see scratch marks while haunting as a negative.

However, with insanely high movement speed and the ability to spot survivors when you get too close, scratch marks aren’t needed at all.

Combine these two with a perk like Stridor to listen to footsteps clearly and you won’t have any issue locating survivors.

Muddy Sports Day Cap & Kaiun Talisman

This is the standard combo for the Spirit since it gives her the most essential buffs.

The first add-on increases her movement speed while phasing, while the second one increases phasing duration and its recovery rate.

Overall, these provide some quality-of-life buffs to make the Spirit’s kit slightly better.

Best Perks for the Spirit

The Spirit can shine with almost any build due to the strength of her power. However, some builds help her perform even better, to the point she becomes overpowered. Here’s my go-to build for the Spirit that also utilizes one of her teachable perks.

  1. Awakened Awareness
  2. Starstruck
  3. Hex: Ruin
  4. Hex: Haunted Ground

For this build, the fun starts when you down the first survivor (either normally or via help from Hex: Haunted Ground). Starstruck makes nearby survivors exposed, while Awakened Awareness reveals their exact locations to you.

Then, you hook the downed survivor and use your power to reach any survivors spotted. Since you’ll be using your power, they won’t expect you and you’ll often end up getting another free down.

Keep repeating this until all survivors are dead and you’ve got an easy 4k. Hex: Ruin helps slow down the game a bit and forces survivors to go look for hex totems, thus potentially activating Hex: Haunted Ground.


To sum up, that’s everything you need to know on the best build and perks for the Spirit in Dead by Daylight.

Master her power and utilize the right perks and add-ons to guide your way to victory.

If you enjoy the playstyle of the Spirit, consider checking out our guide on the best build and perks for the Nurse. She’s also an S-Tier killer that can consistently kill all four survivors.

Do you enjoy playing as the Spirit in Dead by Daylight? What are your favorite build and add-ons? Let us know in the comments below.

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