Dead by Daylight: The Nurse Best Perks & Build

The Nurse is considered one of the strongest killers in Dead by Daylight and mastering her is an extremely rewarding process.

While she is one of the hardest killers to play, utilizing her kit properly can consistently lead to 4-kill games. After all, she’s considered an S-Tier killer based on our latest tier list in Dead by Daylight.

While she has the slowest movement speed in the game at 3.85m/s or 96.25% (which makes her slower than survivors), her blinks allow her to have exceptional pressure and give her all the tools she needs.

In this guide, I will explain the Nurse’s best perks and builds that fully utilize her kit in Dead by Daylight.

The Nurse’s Perks Explained

Similar to all killers, The Nurse comes equipped with 3 unique perks: Thanatophobia, Nurse’s Calling, and Stridor. Here’s how each of them works.


This perk decreases survivors’ action speed by 2% for each injured survivor.

Especially on killers like Legion who leave survivors injured, it’s a great tool to slow down the pace of the game.

Nurse’s Calling

This is one of the best perks in Dead by Daylight since it allows you to see the aura of any survivor healing within 28 meters.

Combine this with something like Sloppy Butcher to make them heal slower, keep blinking around and roaming the map, and you’ll be able to find them before they heal.


Stridor increases the volume of survivors’ grunts and breathing. Most of the time, it’s hard to notice the difference but on certain killers, it can help greatly.

For instance, The Spirit is based solely on audio while phasing, so Stridor isn’t a bad option for her.

However, if you’re focused on audio and are attentive to detail, it can help every killer.

Best Add-ons for the Nurse

Add-ons are a great way to add variation to each killer’s gameplay and The Nurse has some amazing options available.

Torn Bookmark

A simple add-on that increases the Nurse’s total blinks by one. The main setback is that it increases the time it takes for blinks to recharge.

With one extra blink, there’s even less room for error. In addition, the Nurse will be able to traverse from one side of the map to the other in no time.

Fragile Wheeze & Dark Cincture

These two add-ons both reduce the recharge time of the blinks. With these two, the Nurse can constantly use her power without giving survivors time to reposition or run away.

It’s a great way to constantly maintain pressure and they are the go-to add-ons for most experienced Nurse players.

Best Perks for the Nurse

The Nurse can shine with almost any build due to the strength of her power. However, some builds help her perform even better, to the point she becomes overpowered. Here’s my go-to build for the Nurse that also utilizes one of her teachable perks.

  1. Sloppy Butcher
  2. Nurse’s Calling
  3. Merciless Storm
  4. Eruption

This build combines information and map pressure. With Merciless Storm, you’ll have a chance to interrupt survivors before they finish a generator and pressure them away with Sloppy Butcher.

Then, while they’re healing you’ll spot them with Nurse’s Calling and finish them off. And if you can’t find survivors, keep using Eruption to ensure nobody is sneaking generators behind your back.


To sum up, that’s everything you need to know regarding the best build for the Nurse in Dead by Daylight.

The hardest part is learning to use her power efficiently, which will take time. However, when you master it, most survivors will be powerless against you.

Also, if you want to try out the new killer, consider checking out our guide on the best build for the Knight in Dead by Daylight.

What do you think about the Nurse? What’s your favorite add-on and perk build for her? Let us know in the comments below.

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