Lost Ark: How to Get Vykas Title

Getting the Vykas title in Lost Ark is almost essential nowadays if you want to get accepted into a Vykas Hard Mode lobby. Even some Normal Mode lobbies ask for the title.

This is because the title proves you’ve beaten the fight multiple times. Due to the Vykas fight being extremely complex in mechanics, players want to avoid grouping up with beginners.

Thus, the title is the only way to showcase you’re experienced in the fight before joining a lobby. However, there are various titles available for Vykas, and getting them takes a significant amount of time.

In this guide, I will explain how to get the Vykas title, as well as the succubus and incubus title, and provide some tips to find a lobby even if you don’t have it yet.

How to Get Vykas’ Title

Vykas transforms into her final form in Phase 3 in Lost Ark.

To get the Vykas’ title in Lost Ark, players will need to complete the Vykas raid 10 times. The title requires beating Phase 3 only and progress is gained in both Normal and Hard modes.

If you’re doing Vykas on only one character, this means you’ll need 10 weeks to get the Vykas’ title. However, progress is also shared among alt characters.

So, if you have any alts at the 1430 item level or above, you can get extra progress on the title each week.

How to Get Succubus and Incubus Title

Incubus Morphe in Vykas Phase 1 in Lost Ark.

While many lobbies ask for Vykas’ title, some more elite groups require you to showcase the succubus or incubus titles.

To gain these, you will need to kill the boss in Phase 1 30 times. After killing Incubus Morphe 30 times, you’ll get the title.

As you can see, it’s the exact same process as Vykas’ title with the only difference being that this requires 30 kills instead of 10 and it’s gained by completing Phase 1, not Phase 3.

How to Find a Lobby Without Having a Title

Vykas sitting on her sword in Phase 3 in Lost Ark.

Both titles require clearing Vykas multiple times. If you haven’t done it already, you might find it hard to get a lobby. However, there are ways to find a Vykas lobby in Lost Ark without having any title.

The most important tip here is to make sure your engravings are on point. 4×3, 4×3+1, or ideally 5×3 are great to have enough stats for the Vykas raid. As for equipment, try and have as many relic set pieces as possible.

Of course, this depends on what you can get from Valtan. If you’ve done Valtan enough times, you can even consider equipping pieces from different sets, just to have full relic gear.

Lastly, the easiest and most obvious way is to get a guild. As long as you’re willing to check a video beforehand and aren’t toxic, guilds will take you along for raiding even without having a title.


To sum up, that’s everything you need to know on how to get the Vykas’ title in Lost Ark.

All it takes is clearing Vykas raid Phase 3 10 times. For the succubus/incubus titles, you’ll need to clear Phase 1 30 times.

However, these titles aren’t necessary for finding a group and as long as you’ve studied the fight and are patient you’ll be able to clear Vykas.

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Do you think titles are an accurate way of measuring a player’s skill in Lost Ark? If not, which other way would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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