Dead by Daylight Ada Wong Best Perks / Build

Rebecca Chambers is one of the two new survivors introduced in Dead by Daylight. Together with Rebecca Chambers and Albert Wesker, she is part of the Resident Evil: Project W DLC.

Influenced by the game Resident Evil 2, Ada Wong’s playstyle focuses on gaining information and doing whatever she can to ensure she survives.

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In this guide, I’ll explain Ada Wong’s three unique perks and recommend the best perks and build for her in Dead by Daylight.

Ada Wong Perks Explained

Ada Wong repairing a generator in Dead by Daylight

Ada comes with three unique perks: Wiretap, Reactive Healing, and Low Profile. All three of her perks are situational and will probably not become meta anytime soon.

However, in the right situation, her perks can make the difference between dying and surviving. Let us examine them in detail.


Wiretap is probably Ada Wong’s most useful perk. It allows you to trap a generator and see the killer’s aura when they are near that generator. In addition, every other survivor will be able to see that aura.

Imagine this scenario. You charge your wiretap at a generator near the edge of the map. Then you interact with the middle generator just enough to get Wiretap on it.

Now the middle generator doesn’t have enough progression to make it worth kicking for the killer, but is in a great spot to inform you about the killer’s whereabouts.

This is a prime example of how Wiretap can shine in the right hands. With some lucky timing and the proper build, it can get even better.

Reactive Healing

Reactive Healing activates when a survivor loses a health state near you. It heals up to 50% of your missing healing progression.

This is considered mediocre at best, due to how situational it can be. You need to be injured and near the damaged survivor. In addition, it heals based on missing progression, so it will never fully heal you.

While it can help occasionally, there are way more useful perks to put in its place.

Low Profile

Low Profile activates when all other Survivors are dead, hooked, or downed. This perk gives you the stealth you need in this scenario to find the hatch by stopping your bleeding, scratch marks, and grunts temporarily.

While it can be useful, especially with Left Behind to ensure you’ll find the hatch, it’s very situational.

If you’re not the last survivor alive, this perk is useless. If you’re always the last alive, it can be a helpful perk, but otherwise, I would recommend against it.

Ada Wong Best Perks/Build

Ada Wong and Jake Park healing Kate Denson

Unlike killers, survivors have no unique powers. Instead, the same build is powerful for each survivor. 

To make it more focused on Ada, I’ll recommend a build that utilizes Wiretap as much as possible.

Wiretap & Blast Mine

Using Wiretap & Blast Mine is like killing two birds with one stone. While Blast Mine requires double the time to charge up compared to Wiretap, they do charge up simultaneously. 

Get them both ready and install them on the same gen. You’ll inform your teammates while the killer is nearby, and if they decide to kick the gen and disable your Wiretap, they’ll also get stunned.

Sprint Burst

Since you’ll spend most of your time doing gens, Sprint Burst is a great option for an exhaustion perk.

It allows you to stay on the gen until the very last second, and then dash away while also making the killer miss a hit.

Then, either the killer chases you and everyone knows where they’re going due to Wiretap, or they kick the generator and get stunned due to Blast Mine. Win-win situation.


This build requires you to become a gen jockey and the odds of reaching the end game are fairly high (if your teammates aren’t self-caring at the edge of the map).

Adrenaline is a great tool for the end game that heals you back up and gives you a much-needed boost to reach the gates or evade the killer.


Ada Wong brings a unique take on Dead by Daylight with her perk ‘Wiretap’. Combined with Jill Valentine’s ‘Blast Mine’ players can create one of the best perk builds for survivors.

Complete the combo with an exhaustion perk like Sprint Burst and an end-game clutch perk like Adrenaline and your chances of survival have increased significantly.

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What do you think is Ada Wong’s most useful perk, and what’s the best build one could go for? Let us know in the comments below.

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