Dead by Daylight Wesker / The Mastermind Best Perks / Build

Albert Wesker, also known as ‘the Mastermind’ is the latest killer introduced in Dead by Daylight. He is part of the Resident Evil: Project W DLC.

Wesker’s playstyle is a mix between Demogorgon and Nemesis. His movement speed is 4.6m/s or 115% and he is of average height. This allows him to travel the map fairly quickly, while occasionally avoiding detection. 

The most important and unique part of Wesker’s kit is his 40-meter terror radius. Compared to the average of 24/32 that most killers have, Wesker can shine with builds based on his terror radius.

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In this guide, we’ll go through Wesker’s/Mastermind’s best perks and builds that fully utilize his kit in Dead by Daylight.

Best Wesker Perks/Build

Wesker’s kit lets players get creative with some of the best builds. Specifically, while his movement speed and height are average, Wesker has a uniquely large terror radius.

Most killers have either a 24 or 32 meters terror radius. Instead, Wesker has 40m. This allows him to thrive in builds that inflict debuffs on anyone within his terror radius. Especially on shorter maps like the Game, Wesker can really thrive.

Best Perks for Wesker

Wesker from the DLC trailer in Dead by Daylight

Here are the best perks for Wesker that take advantage of his power and traits.


Distressing is an average perk that becomes overpowered in the hands of Wesker. It brings his terror radius from 40 all the way to 50+ meters.

Especially on smaller maps, this makes his terror radius affect the entire map. Even without extra perks, this will have survivors constantly worried that the Mastermind is coming toward them.


Starstruck activates whenever you pick up a downed survivor. Any survivors within your terror radius become exposed.

See where this is going? With Distressing, almost every survivor on the map will become exposed.

Awakened Awareness

With Awakened Awareness, nearby survivors aren’t just exposed. You can also see their exact locations.

Either go after them if they’re in a corner or remember their location and chase them after you hook the survivor you’re carrying.

But what if you want to chase them? Keep reading because the next perk is going to make your life much easier.


Agitation allows you to move faster while you’re carrying a survivor. This way, you’ll be able to catch up to the exposed survivors that you just tracked with Awakened Awareness and secure the kill.

To complete this combo, you could consider switching Distressing with Mad Grit or Iron Grasp. This way, you’ll be able to chase nearby survivors for longer.

Best Add-ons for Wesker

Wesker with Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers in Dead by Daylight

Wesker comes with multiple add-ons that significantly enhance his playstyle. Here are some that manage to stand out.

Iridescent Uroboros Vial

With Iridescent Uroboros Vial, not only do survivors start the trial as Infected, but also become exposed when they get critically infected. 

As long as you make sure to keep infecting them, sooner or later they’ll run out of cures or will have to run far to find one. 

This slows done their generator progress significantly and allows you to keep them under pressure constantly.

Lab Photo

The Lab Photo add-on is a game-changer for Wesker. It allows him to break pallets and walls instead of vaulting over them.

This makes his presence more threatening as he can deal with loops significantly faster. Especially with careless survivors, soon there won’t be any pallets left in the trial.


Wesker is a very solid killer that can thrive with the right perks and add-ons. Try and take advantage of his large terror radius and solid mobility to ensure survivors are always under pressure.

Combine the best perk build with the right add-ons and you have the recipe for success. Survivors won’t even know what hit them.

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What do you think about this build? Will you try it out, or do you have another build in mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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