Dead by Daylight Rebecca Chambers Best Perks / Build

Rebecca Chambers is one of the two new survivors introduced in Dead by Daylight. Together with Ada Wong and Albert Wesker, she is part of the Resident Evil: Project W DLC.

In Dead by Daylight, she maintains a similar role as in Resident Evil 5: a combat medic.

Her perks allow her to support other survivors while also buffing her own great skill checks.

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In this guide, we’ll go through Rebecca Chambers’ three unique perks, as well as her best perks and build to help you survive in Dead by Daylight.

Rebecca Chambers Perks Explained

Rebecca Chambers repairing a generator in Dead by Daylight.

Rebecca Chambers brings three new perks to Dead by Daylight: Better than New, Reassurance, and Hyperfocus. Her playstyle focuses on altruism. She helps her teammates survive longer while ensuring she’s doing generators faster.

Her perks are decent and some of them have a solid chance of being used often. They provide considerable buffs and are helpful in almost various cases.

Let us examine all her perks in turn.

Better Than New

Better than New activates whenever Rebecca heals another survivor. That survivor will heal, cleanse, bless, and unlock chests faster until they get hit. This is a significant buff that rewards an altruistic playstyle.

Combined with healing perks or a medkit, Rebecca can ensure she’s constantly buffing her teammates and guiding the team to success.


Rebecca Chambers holding Meg in Dead By Daylights latest trailer.

Reassurance introduces a new mechanic to Dead by Daylight: pausing hook timer. Rebecca can activate this perk to pause another survivor’s hook timer for up to 30 seconds. This is a great buff that counters killers who facecamp or stay very close to the hook.

Now imagine if multiple survivors have this perk. Camping or proxying the hooked survivor will cost the killer dearly in terms of generator progress.


Hyperfocus is the least useful of Rebecca’s perks, unless you’re consistent at hitting great skills checks. For each continuous skill check you hit, the next great skill check will award more generator progression. 

However, if you miss one great skill check, the bonus resets and you’ll have to start stacking it again. Unless you’re able to consistently hit multiple great skill checks in a row, Hyperfocus isn’t the best option.

One of the best builds for Hyperfocus includes Technician, Stake Out, and This is not Happening. This build ensures you’re hitting as many great skill checks as possible without losing anything if you miss one.

However, using four perks to get value out of one is a bit too much, which is why I recommend against using Hyperfocus.

Rebecca Chambers Best Perks/Build

Rebecca Chambers running away from Leatherface in Dead by Daylight.

Unlike killers, survivors have no unique powers. Instead, the same build is powerful for each survivor. 

To make it more focused on Rebecca, I’ll recommend a build that utilizes Better than New and Reassurance as much as possible.

Better Than New & We’ll Make It

Better than New buffs survivors healed by you, while We’ll Make It allows you to heal survivors faster. We’ll Make It activates after unhooking a survivor but lasts for 90 seconds. Within these 90 seconds, you can heal multiple other survivors with the same buff.

This is the most efficient way to ensure everyone gets the Better Than New Buff. If you’re going to run around and heal everyone, you can also consider adding Empathy. This way, you’ll find injured survivors easily.

Reassurance & Borrowed Time

Reassurances pauses the hook timer, while Borrowed Time ensures that saved survivors can escape safely. This is the perfect altruistic combination to ensure your teammates have all the resources available to stay alive and not get tunneled.

You can also consider skipping Borrowed Time since saving survivors gives them Endurance and Haste without needing a perk. In that case, swap Borrowed Time to the exhaustion perk of your choice to ensure you’re not the one getting tunneled.

My recommendation in this build would be Lithe. This way you can always be on the move and gain some extra distance after vaulting a window or pallet.


Rebecca Chambers and her unique perks thrive under altruistic builds in Dead by Daylight. Reassurance and Better than New can be combined with We’ll Make It and Borrowed Time (or an exhaustion perk) to help your team stay alive as much as possible.

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What do you think? Are there other ways to utilize Rebecca Chambers’ kit in Dead by Daylight? Let us know in the comments below.

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