Animal Crossing Villagers Tier List

There are 413 villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and I will rank all of them in this tier list.

All villagers present in New Leaf and most from Welcome Amiibo make a return, while 16 new villagers are added. In addition, eight villagers from the original Animal Crossing games return for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Villagers exist to populate your island, and they don’t have any unique effects. This tier list will rank them based on the completely objective appearance and personality criteria.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tier List Overview


Here is a quick overview of the tier list for those of you who want to see where the characters you already have are placed.

SAnkha, Bob, Coco, Cookie, Fuchsia, Ione, Ketchup, Lolly, Maple, Marina, Marshal, Marty, Molly, Portia, Raymond, Sasha, Shep, Sherb, Shino, Stitches, Wade
AApollo, Apple, Audie, Beardo, Beau, Benedict, Bones, Bunnie, Cally, Cephalobot, Chabwick, Cherry, Daisy, Diana, Dom, Erik, Fang, Fauna, Flurry, Genji, Goldie, Hamlet, Iggly, Jacob, Jeremiah, Judy, Julia, Julian, Kid Cat, Kiki, Lily, Louie, Lucky, Merengue, Mint, Moe, Ohare, Ozzie, Papi, Peanut, Pekoe, Penelope, Pietro, Poppy, Puddles, Punchy, Purrl, Rilla, Roald, Rod, Rosie, Rudy, Tangy, Tia, Tom, Tutu, Ursala, Vesta, Wade, Zucker
BAgnes, Alice, Annalisa, Antonio, Aurora, Ava, Axel, Bam, Bea, Benjamin, Bill, Bluebear, Chrissy, Cranston, Cube, Dobie, Dotty, Filbert, Flip, Flora, Freya, Gayle, Hazel, Henry, Kabuki, Marlo, Melba, Merry, Miranda, Mitzi, Monty, Muffy, Murphy, Nana, Octavian, Olivia, Opal, Pashmina, Phoebe, Rolf, Ruby, Scoot, Skye, Sprinkle, Teddy, Toby, Walker, Wart Jr., Whitney, Wolfgang
CAgent S, Alfonso, Anchovy, Anicotti, Astrid, Barold, Bettina, Bianca, Big Top, Billy, Biskit, Blanche, Bonbon, Boomer, Boone, Boots, Boyd, Broccolo, Broffina, Bruce, Buck, Butch, Caroline, Celia, Chadder, Chai, Cheri, Chevre, Chief, Claude, Clay, Coach, Cole, Deena, Deirdre, Del, Deli, Dizzy, Dora, Drago, Egbert, Ellie, Elvis, Etolie, Eunice, Ezoic, Ezoic, Ezoi, Faith, Felicity, Flo, Frita, Frobert, Gala, Gaston, Gloria, Goose, Graham, Hopkins, Hornsby, Hugh, Ike, Jambette, Jay, Joey, June, Katt, Kidd, Kitty, Kyle, Lopez, Lyman, Mac, Maddie, Marcel, Marcie, Margie, Midge, Nan, Nibbles, Norma, Olive, Pancetti, Pecan, Peck, Peewee, Petri, Pinky, Plucky, Pompom, Poncho, Puck, Quillson, Quinn, Raddle, Reneigh, Rex, Ribbot, Rodeo, Roscoe, Roswell, Savannah, Shari, Simon, Sly, Snake, Static, Sterling, Stinky, Sydney, Sylvana, Tabby, Tad, Tiansheng, Truffles, Walt, Weber, Wendy, Willow, Winnie, Zell
DAce, Admiral, Al, Alli, Amelia, Angus, Annabelle, Annalise, Avery, Azalea, Baabara, Becky, Bella, Bertha, Biff, Bitty, Blaire, Boris, Bree, Bubbles, Bud, Buzz, Camofrog, Canberra, Candi, Carmen, Carrie, Cashmere, Cesar, Charlise, Chelsea, Chester, Chops, Chow, Claudia, Cleo, Clyde, Cobb, Colton, Cousteau, Crackle, Curlos, Curly, Curt, Cyd, Cyrano, Derwin, Doc, Drake, Drift, Ed, Elise, Elmer, Eloise, Eugene, Francine, Frank, Freckles, Frett, Friga, Gabi, Gigi, Gladys, Gonzo, Greta, Groucho, Gruff,Gwen, Hamphrey, Hans, Harry, Hippeux, Hopper, Huck, Jacques, Jitters, Keaton, Ken, Kevin, Kitt, Klaus, Knox, Kody, Leonardo, Leopold, Limberg, Lionel, Lobo, Lucha, Lucy, Maelle, Maggie, Mallary, Megan, Mira, Monique, Moose, Mott, Naomi, Nate, Olaf, Pango, Paolo, Pate, Patty, Paula, Peaches, Peggy, Phil, Pierce, Piper, Pippy, Prince, Pudge, Queenie, Rasher, Renee, Rhonda, Ricky, Rio, Rizzo, Robin, Rocco, Rocket, Rodney, Rooney, Rory, Rowan, Sally, Samson, Sandy, Sheldon, Snooty, Soleil, Sparro, Spike, Sprocket, Stella, Stu, T-bone, Tammi, Tammy, Tank, Tasha, Tex, Tiffany, Timbra, Tipper, Tucker, Twiggy, Tybalt, Velma, Vic, Victoria, Violet, Vivian, Vladimir, Yuko, Zoe

This was the complete tier list of all the villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons S-Tier Villagers


These villagers are considered to be among the most beloved by the community, and if you have them on your island either visiting or staying you should cherish them.

  • Ankha
  • Bob
  • Coco
  • Cookie
  • Fuchsia
  • Ione
  • Ketchup
  • Lolly
  • Maple
  • Marina
  • Marshal
  • Marty
  • Molly
  • Portia
  • Raymond
  • Sasha
  • Shep
  • Sherb
  • Shino
  • Stitches
  • Wade

These were all the S-Tier characters according to the Animal Crossing Community.

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Final Thoughts

There are many different villagers, and everyone can have their favorites. Since villagers don’t offer unique effects, and they only live with you to brighten your day then just go with your favorites.

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With the complete tier list laid out for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will know how highly your favorite villagers are seen by the community. Share your thoughts in the comments down below, which villagers should be placed higher.


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