Video Games as the New IQ Tests

Video games are the best when it comes to taking a break from our hectic schedules. But sometimes, teenagers get so addicted to playing video games that their parents have to discourage them from doing so.

In this article, we want to highlight the fact that playing video games is not such a bad thing as most elders portray it, and rather can be used as the perfect method to calculate a person’s IQ level.

Merits of video gaming

Video games have a lot of positive aspects. One of them is improving mental health.

Since video games are a perfect mode of escape from the real world, playing games makes us forget about all our worries and release all the tension. Do you know, video games are used as a means of therapy by many therapists around the globe?

Video games effect on our brain

Another merit of video games is that it tells a lot about a person’s intelligence level, which is the main highlight of this article. So let’s talk about how video games can be used as a method to test a person’s IQ level.

  • Playing video games is a kind of brain exercise in itself. When we play a video game, what happens with our brain is that the parts responsible for memory, spatial orientation & information organization are involved quite actively.
  • While playing a video game, we face many in-game problems and have to find solutions for those problems as quickly as possible. Doing so improves our critical thinking skills & decision-making abilities. 
  • Playing a video game with time constraints improves our time management skills. 
  • Planning strategies and tactics in order to win the game improves our problem-solving skills.
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Loopholes in traditional methods of IQ test

Kid playing Xbox

The traditional methods to test IQ works on a very rigid layout and does not test a person’s intelligence level in all aspects, which often results in incorrect results. The tests do not consider the multidimensional nature of intelligence.

There’s no doubt that our brain functions differently under different circumstances, which is again ignored by these tests. There is no strict definition of intelligence. Psychologists claim that there exist at least seven different types of intelligence.

But do these IQ tests consider that fact? Not always. Which is why we need a whole new different mechanism to test the IQ level of a person. 

Video games as a test for IQ

The solution to all the problems mentioned above is simply to use video games as a test for IQ level. Why? Because, unlike the traditional IQ test, it involves testing a person’s brain under different circumstances. As every person thinks differently, they will likely play the same game differently, too.

Their approach to solving a particular task in a video game will tell us a lot about how their brain works in a specific situation. It is said that playing video games involves both sides of your brain. We believe all these reasons are enough for us to switch to video games to test IQ.

There are a lot of games available on the internet that allow you to test all the skills mentioned above. There are brain games that require you to complete a set of tasks within a given period, and there also exist MCQ tests that calculate your IQ level according to the options you choose.

Why IQ test games are better than traditional IQ calculating methods

Traditional IQ Test

With significant advances in technology, we can rely on computers & machines for the precise and error-free output for almost anything now. Using games, we can take care of all the variables which often get ignored in the traditional methods used for calculating the IQ level of a person.

Since artificial intelligence has also come into play, we can now anticipate even more precise results. 

While playing a video game, a person is at their most authentic; they do not have any filter, mentally. All their thought processes are very smooth and spontaneous, which further ensures the quality of the test.

Choosing the suitable games

We believe there doesn’t exist one perfect game to be considered as a method to test IQ. Depending on the time you are willing to invest, you can choose one or more games that you feel are good for your mental activeness. Because remember, we talked about different types of intelligence.

Can we test different kinds of intelligence using one single game? No, right? The video games combination must differ from person to person which will ensure the quality outcome of the test.

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