Far Cry 6: Why You Should Play It

Far Cry 6 takes over your world, gaming space and any free time. The open-world, the shooter-themed game is an experience worth every dollar spent purchasing it.

Gamers get exposure to a Caribbean tour with all markings of vacation and still get quests, new weapon upgrades, new pets who add spice to the gameplay and much more with Far Cry 6.

Forbes Magazine terms the game franchise as one in need of a shakeup and Far Cry 6 as the company “Icing!” The franchise has taken the leap and released their best game so far. Players are even setting aside the Australian casinos no deposit bonus that has kept you busy favoring this fantastic game! Here is why this is the case!

  • Easy to Learn and Execute Gameplay; 
  • Cool Upgrades ;
  • It works through a politically charged environment;
  • Provides the best game settings.

Easy to Learn and Execute Gameplay 

Far Cry 6 does have an extensive environment starting with the game settings, the storyline and the best of all, new pet friends. It has new perks that make it a unique addition to your game store.

The sheer scale can be overwhelming, and the activities on hand can seem daunting. However, with the new upgrades system and easy-to-follow game menu, plus fast learning processes, one begins to enjoy and understand the entire gameplay! 

The gameplay is quite simple, following the production of a “Revolutionary Cancer Medicine/Cure, the Viviro.” The cure is from Yara, a tobacco-producing island, where the Yaran Tobacco grows, with slaves as farmers.

But, one of the toxic chemicals used as a fertilizer in the farming process is an essential ingredient in the production of Viviro, making it difficult to get. However, the new production of the Cancer Cure has led to prosperity and growth. 

However, like every other prosperous rule, there is some form of dictatorship and few democratic rights. Dani becomes the leader fighting for individual democratic rights through a group of guerilla who calls themselves the Libertad.

The fighting process against Castillo’s rule follows a vacation-style experience, with shooters, modern equipment including vehicles and planes, plus friendly animals. You may go down due to a “Shark Fight” or eliminate enemy lines using a “Dog Distraction.”

Cool Upgrades

Far Cry 6

Ever played a franchise game and are like, “No new Experience,” well, Far Cry 6 has more than one excellent upgrade that will be taking your gaming experience to the following levels.

You can go choose other activities to relax after a tiring session with Far Cry 6, but it will be hard to allocate time for that since the newest upgrades are quite Exciting! 

For instance, pass through the crowds while invisible with a simple gun holster. After fitting your gun and securing it on its holster, you can blend in with the island population, pass through a police barricade and go through enemy territory with no one the wiser! How fantastic is that specific upgrade in features!

You can explore the Island, find new places to hide, spy on enemy troops and through it all, and avoid any bloodshed. However, if you love the action, you can undo the holster and face your enemies “Guns Blazing.”

Well, if you love riding, take a wild horse for the ride or tame a crocodile to become an animal helper. Get a personalized photo as a map locator or tracker instead of the regular map markers.

With a chance at invisibility and location-based images, you can make your gameplay as enjoyable as possible! Plus, you can always go for the flamethrower, rocket launcher or EMP launching device. The game has some surprises and some exotic feature upgrades to explore! 

It Works Through a Politically Charged Environment 

The game storyline is one of the best, with politically charged situations leading to significant confrontations. Some can term the violence the troops show any Libertad’s as “fantastic gameplay.”

However, the Island is a tropical nation under the leadership of Antón Castillo, a tyrant and dictator, enslaving people to produce the new cure and enforcing strict rules for Yara’s Citizens.

As a result, the player “Dani” has to be cautious, but they can scale the Emperanza city’s rooftops and alleys and face any opponents the ruling government sends! The game’s narrative director terms it a “Game Changer,” unique and brings new gaming feeling to it.

Gamers get to interact with Amigos, who you can hire to fight alongside you. You can always go for “Guapo the Crocodile,” but don’t try to cuddle; you may end up losing a toe or your whole body in an attack.

But, if looking for company while carrying out people’s missions with no need for violence, consider taking the dog. It doesn’t mean it’s harmless. It can distract you while you penetrate into enemy territories!

Provides the Best Game Settings 

Imagine an outline preset to identify specific elements or features as an identifying icon! Kotaku indicates that players can get a pickup outline while playing Far Cry 6 to highlight their enemies. Gamers can see their enemies without having a direct line of sight.

The setting can help players navigate behind enemy lines. However, the gamer must first tag an enemy for the scene to activate. Plus, you can make the pickup outline any color, especially if you are willing to bring any collectibles.

Make an enemy laser an identifying color, collect a more bold and shouting shade and ally markers specific to help you in your gameplay. 

Add a “6th Sense” to your game experience through the on-screen indicators. Some can offer distant early warning signals indicating an approaching enemy or potential damage incurred after a raid.

Plus, you can eliminate any settings or elements that hinder your gaming process. However, if looking for more fun, you can go for the poisoned or drunk effects, which interfere with accuracy and obscure the thinking process. The effects on you as a gamer are almost tangible!


Far Cry 6 is an authentic and a source of inspiration for many players. The game environment, the city and other landscape, realistic equipment including vehicles or planes when going out for missions, and new upgrades are some of the best reasons to get and play the game.

Other reasons to play Far Cry 6 include quality game settings that ensure seamless game time, best game environment including the politics, quality storyline and easy to learn gameplay!

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