Tips And Tricks From Skilled Video Game players

You’ll keep dabbling in games if you want to learn them yourself. In addition to the tips you’ll find on blogs, you’ll also find YouTube video guides to help you play your games better. Moreover, this isn’t restricted to just a specific game, as there are video tutorials for about any game there is.

Sometimes, you could have a chance to meet a professional player in a gaming salon. Stop by and watch him play a few rounds – you could learn a thing or two. In this article, we’ll be sharing tips from some of the best-skilled video gamers out there.

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5 tips and tricks to help you improve your gaming

  1. Keep the screen bright

Many people prefer keeping their phones and tabs in the dark mode or keeping the brightness at its lowest. We have nothing against this, but you’ll have to drop this when it comes to gaming. You must keep your screen bright when you’re gaming.

Many games tend to come with dark contrast and dim colors. A dimly lit screen will make it difficult to see things in the dark corners of your screen. More so, you’ll be straining your eyes to make out figures most of the time.

  1. Play with better players

Don’t feel good if you’ve been playing with and against noobs all your life. This will fail you in the long run because you’ll eventually get humiliated by a better gamer sooner or later.

If you’re passionate about gaming, you must do everything you can to improve your skills. This has a lot to do with playing with and against superiors. While they’ll beat you most of the time, you’ll get to learn and emulate their strategies with time.

However, you might lose confidence if you get beaten all the time. Take some time out to sharpen your teeth against average players.

  1. Avoid addiction

Video game developers always devise innovative ideas to make their games come with exciting challenges and corresponding rewards. It is very easy to stay glued for hours to your screen with many other things to do. 

If you lack proper time-management skills before you start gaming, you’ll be putting a lot at stake. Set timers to alert you after a scheduled time with those pads, and discipline yourself enough to leave when it’s time.

  1. Watch your performance sometimes.

For every game you choose in whatsoever niche it is, there are dozens of videos from professionals out there. As much as it is important to watch those videos, it is also beneficial to watch your matches. Thankfully, we have in-game highlights to help us with this.

This will help you see details you may have missed while playing the game. You’ll also identify some loopholes in your gameplay and some opportunities you failed to maximize.

You get better prepared for your next match with the least chance of repeating mistakes. Don’t be offended at watching your own defeat; watch both your wins and losses.

  1. Practice consistently

You could have the best or most expensive gaming console and still have a gamer with inferior gaming gear beat you. You know the embarrassment that sets in if it were on your favorite game or, worse still, your gaming station. You’ll have your inconsistency in practice to blame for this.

Many games come with practice modes to learn the ropes and the game mechanics better. Spend some hours practicing some important moves and techniques. Consistent repetition will help you improve steadily, even if you don’t notice it at first.

But don’t just practice blindly; apply the tips from online video and blog tutorials to get better results.


With all the tips above, if you don’t derive fun from whatever game you’re playing, you’ve lost it already. Identify a game genre that suits your style and apply the tips above. However, note that you must always be in control of your time and money spent on any game.

Keeping the screen bright (but not too bright) will help you see better and stay active. You’ll need to play against better players than yourself if you want to get better at the game.

Furthermore, spend some time analyzing your gameplay to see your flaws and missed opportunities. Lastly, make out some time to practice.

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