Remnant 2: Glistering Cloister Puzzle Solution

Are you trying to solve the Glistering Cloister mirror puzzle in Remnant 2 and get the Shaed Stone Ring? Here’s how to do it.

To solve the Glistering Cloister mirror puzzle, head to the right side of the room and look at the mirror on the floor towards the outer wall. You’ll notice a gold vase there that you can only see through the mirror. Shoot that invisible vase and you’ll get the Shaed Stone Ring.

Let’s explain each step in further detail to help you find your way around Glistering Cloister.

Glistering Cloister Puzzle Location

How to solve the Glistering Cloister puzzle in Remnant 2.
Mirror room location in the Glistering Cloister map.

To find the Glistering Cloister mirror puzzle, you must first purchase and unlock The Awakened King DLC. Once unlocked, head to the Forlorn Coast, just beneath the collapsed castle bridge.

Once you enter the Glistering Cloister, head to the location shown above and you’ll find the mirror room.

How to Solve the Remnant 2 Mirror Puzzle in Glistering Cloister

Look for this vase while looking at the floor mirror.

Once you enter the Mirror room and while looking at the middle tower, turn right. Look at the ground mirror towards the outer right wall and you’ll see a golden vase, as shown in the image above.

You must shoot the actual location of the vase (not its reflection) to complete the puzzle. Even though it’s invisible, you’ll hear the sound of it being broken once you shoot it.

Shoot exactly here, which is where the vase is located based on its reflection.

If you shoot at the right place and hear the breaking sound, you’ll notice an item dropping to the ground. This is the Shaed Stone Ring.

  • Shaed Stone Ring: Increases Skill damage by 12%.

Overall, it’s a great ring that can shine in many different builds. If you’re looking for suggestions, here’s our guide on the best Ritualist build in Remnant 2.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, you can solve the Glistering Cloister puzzle with the mirrors in Remnant 2 by heading to the right side of the room and looking at the floor at the reflection of the outer right wall.

You’ll see a golden vase there and you must shoot at its actual location (not its reflection). Once broken, you’ll complete the puzzle and get the Shaed Stone Ring.

Did you manage to find this ring easily? Do you have any builds to recommend for this ring? Let us know in the comments below.

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