Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in the Game

With 400 total Pokemon in the Pokedex, it can be hard choosing your favorite six. Of those 400, 107 are brand new that were added in Generation 9.

There are many great options amongst the new Pokemon, but are they good enough to outperform the previous generations?

If you want a list limited to just the new additions, consider checking out our article on the best new Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.

In this list, I will mention the 10 strongest Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet and explain what makes each of them shine.

10. Iron Valiant

We start with a Paradox Pokemon which shines primarily due to its types. As a Fairy and Fighting type, Iron Valiant has the tools to deal with most Pokemon in the game, especially in 6-star raids.

Also, it features an amazing Speed stat, which will allow it to consistently outspeed its opponent.

9. Roaring Moon

Another Paradox Pokemon, Roaring Moon has some of the best core stats. It combines high Attack and Speed, which increase even further with Protosynthesis.

In addition, it has some solid attacks that utilize its high stats and allow it to even one-shot opponent Pokemon before they move at all.

8. Ting-Lu

If you’re looking for a tanky, more durable option, Ting-Lu is an amazing choice. It’s an overall bulky Pokemon with high HP and Defense that can survive almost anything.

On top of that, its ability Vessel of Ruin reduces the Special Attack of all surrounding Pokemon.

7. Garganacl

Another tanky option, Garganacl is known for its high HP and Defense.

It can also use Iron Defense to increase its Defense stat even further and follow up with Body Press which scales with Defense to completely crush the opponent.

Lastly, its signature move Salt Cure gives you the upper hand in extended fights, even against higher-leveled foes.

6. Gholdengo

While being one of the hardest Pokemon to unlock, Gholdengo can be worth the extra effort. It features a surprisingly high Special Attack stat, which combined with its signature move Make it Rain can be a recipe for success.

In addition, it’s a Ghost and Steel type, which makes it durable against multiple other types.

5. Chien-Pao

Chien-Pao features strength in simplicity. First, its ability Sword of Ruin reduces the defense of all other Pokemon. Then, it has a high Attack stat, and some amazing moves to follow up.

It doesn’t require any specific combos, items, or teams, and can deal phenomenal damage.

4. Palafin

At face value, it’s a decent Pokemon at best. However, if you can activate its ability Zero to Hero, it becomes an amazing asset to any team.

With this ability, after swapping it out and in again, it transforms. With the new form comes an insanely high attack stat, as well as solid defense and HP stats.

Also, it works great with the held item Punching Glove, which increases its damage further.

3. Dondozo & Tatsugiri

While this is a combo, it deserves a spot on this list. due to being the best combo for double battles. Tatsugiri jumps into Dondozo and instead of having two Pokemon, you now have one with double the strength.

To take this a step further, equip a Toxic orb to Tatsugiri so that it poisons itself. After a few rounds, Tatsugiri will die, Dondozo will retain the extra stats, and you’ll be able to bring a second Pokemon into the fight.

2. Flutter Mane

Flutter Mane is an amazing offensive option for your team. It works as a glass cannon since it features low HP and Defense, but exceptionally high Special Attack and Speed.

Combined with the fact that it’s a Paradox Pokemon with Protosynthesis, its stats can reach very high numbers. As long as it attacks first, it should be able to even one-shot the enemy.

1. Maushold

Maushold is an amazing option primarily due to its signature move Population Bomb, which attacks the enemy 20(!) times.

Equip it with Wide Lens to increase the move’s accuracy further, and add an ability patch to get the hidden ability Technician which buffs it even more.

Alternatively, instead of Wide Lens, players can also equip King’s Rock. This has a chance of making the enemy flinch whenever Maushold inflicts damage. With Population Bomb, you’re almost guaranteed to flinch the enemy at every turn.

As long as you’re attacking first, the opponent won’t have a fun time.


These are the best Pokemon overall in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Each of them shines for different reasons, but all of them are amazing options for end-game raids, competitive play, and open-world exploration.

Which Pokemon is your favorite in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Are you using it for competitive reasons or PvE raids? Let us know in the comments below.


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