Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Cheat / Exploit to Increase Shiny Pokemon Encounters

The shiny pokemon are the most difficult ones to encounter out in the wild in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but there is currently an exploit that you can use to cheat your way into maximizing your chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon in the game.

It’s pretty easy to do, but still time consuming and there’s no guarantee that you will get shiny Pokemon instantly. But you WILL get them faster than otherwise, so make sure to read on for the method and use it ASAP in case the developers decide to fix it. (Although I am not sure how they could that).

How to Maximize Shiny Pokemon encounter rates in the game

pokemon scarlet and violet shiny pokemon encounters boost

My recommended method of boosting your shiny pokemon encounter rates (without any additional help from other items) is a bit of a grind, but it works extremely well.

First of all, you need to find a good area where the type of shiny pokemon you want to get usually spawn. Use google to find those, although my method does work in any location.

Next, go to that location. It’s easier to do it near a city, but it can work anywhere. Walk outside of the city and into the wild. As soon as you get the in-game text announcing that you have entered a new area, new Pokemon will spawn there.

Now, if you move back just a few steps back (to the previous area you were in), the current set of Pokemon will disappear.

Get back again (just by taking a few steps forward) and a NEW set of pokemon will be spawned. It’s always new pokemon (at least for now), so what you need to do is to simply go back and forth and back and forth until you get to see your Shiny Pokemon spawned.

pokemon scarlet and violet shiny pokemon hunting

Now, the pokemon won’t always spawn in the exact same places each time you enter the area, but they will be close by. It also helps if you do wander around a bit and check multiple groups to increase your chances of finding a Shiny.

This is a pretty easy thing to do, as you can imagine, although it is time consuming. It does take a lot less than simply wandering around randomly hoping to get a Shiny Pokemon encounter.

How to increase your chances of finding Shiny Pokémon even further in Scarlet and Violet

pokemon scarlet and violet catching shiny pokemon

The chances of you finding a Shiny Pokemon can be increased in-game by doing various things that I will talk about below. Combine these things with the method recommended above and you will drastically improve your encounter rates with Shinies in the game.

Shiny Boost Sandwiches

The first thing that increases your chances of encountering Shiny Pokemon is a Sparkling Sandwich.

You can either craft and eat the generic one (which is unlocked after you complete the main story of the game) or you can go more in-depth with dedicated shiny boosting sandwiches for your favorite type of pokemon.

I have already shared a few recipes on these, and I will make sure to publish the shiny boosting sandwich recipes for all Pokemon types out there. Until then, make sure to learn how to do a few of them:

Getting the Shiny Charm

pokemon scarlet and violet shiny pokemon

There is an in-game item that doubles your chances of encountering Shinies in Scarlet and Violet. Combine that with the other boosters here and you will quickly get them all.

But before getting all the Shiny Pokemon in the game, you actually have to do what every Pokemon fan out there knows it has to be done: you gotta catch ’em all!

In other words, you can only get the Shiny Charm in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet after you fill up the Pokédex. Once you have the final Pokemon in your Pokédex, head over to the Academy and talk to Professor Jacq to get your reward.


And this would be my recommended method for increasing Shiny pokemon encounter rates in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. I am sure you can put this to good use and boost your collection nicely.

If you have other great strategies for boosting the chances of finding Shiny Pokemon, don’t hesitate to share your strategies with us in the comments section below.

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