Path of Exile Syndicate Guide: What Members to Get for Maximum Profit

We are already quite a bit to the new Betrayal league, so this Path of Exile Syndicate guide, including the answer to the question “What members to get for maximum profit?” is going to bring you lots of Exalts if followed properly, because this is one of the easiest leagues to farm currency in.

So far we’ve gotten familiar with the league’s mechanics, but for those of you who are new or simply want to further increase their knowledge about the game, we suggest that you follow our in-depth Path of exile Syndicate guide, because everything that you need to know all in one place: here.

In this guide we are going to cover everything that you need to know about the Immortal Syndicate and all of the encounters you may face trying to get to the Mastermind’s Lair (which we will also cover in this guide). So, do you want to know who to keep? Who to help? How to get It That Fled in Research and why? Follow this Path of Exile Syndicate guide and all your questions shall be answered, Exile!

First things first, what is the Immortal Syndicate? 

Well, long story short, it’s a mysterious organization that gives you goodies, and you must discover their leader (spoilers: it’s Catarina) and loot their Hideouts. There are 17 members part of this Immortal Syndicate, and one leader.

Who are the Syndicate members?

– Aisling Laffrey, The Silent Butcher
– Cameria the Coldblooded
– Elreon, Light’s Judge
– Gravicius Reborn (only appears in areas of level 30+)
– Guff “Tiny” Grenn
– Haku, Warmaster
– Hillock, the Blacksmith
– It That Fled
– Janus Perandus
– Korell Goya, Son of Stone
– Leo, Wolf of the Pits
– Riker Maloney, Midnight Tinkerer
– Rin Yuushu (only appears in maps)
– Thane Jorgin the Banished
– Tora, the Culler
– Vagan, Victory’s Herald
– Vorici, Silent Brother

How does the Syndicate work?

There are four main areas in the Syndicate: Transportation, Fortification, Research and Intervention. Each one of those areas will open you that particular Syndicate Hideout once completed, and in order for that to happen you need to move the members around and either interrogate them or bargain with them to gather experience. The one at the very top is the Mastermind, the one that you need to extract information about to unveil her location.

When you encounter the members, you will have one of those four options available:

Bargain: This will give you a random reward, but this only shows up when one member is present.

Betray: This will appear when there are two members (not rivals) and will usually make the other one disappear, and instead create a rivalry between them.

Execute: This option appears when there are 3 members and it raises the rank of that specific member.

Interrogate: This is always on the table, but this option lowers the rank and imprisons the person interrogated. The imprisoned will be out of the table for 3 turns, and there can only be a maximum of 3 people interrogated at once.

Who is not worth keeping?

Since there are not enough slots of all the members, there are some who are pretty useless to say the least. It’s best if you remove them ASAP to make room for the better members to show up. Those who are kinda worthless in my opinion are the following:

Vagan: REMOVE!!! The most useless member of the Syndicate, is not worth putting him anywhere because he only gives rare items. (which you can simply get better from mapping or delving)

Hillock: Unless you want that quality for your weapon/armor/flask, then remove him. There are plenty of people giving away for free the Hillock crafting bench, so if you want one badly, just ask from someone and get a better member instead.

Haku: The Karui is definitely not happy with how bad the rewards from Haku are. Unless you want a Strongbox Scarab, then remove him completely.

Elreon: May be bad, but you might get lucky. However, let’s not get too optimistic here. He MAY be good only if you put him in Research (if you are lucky enough) but otherwise, it’s pretty useless.

Other than those 4, the rest aren’t that bad. Some are even super good and profitable.

How to use the Syndicate for profit?

There are a few things you might want to do before you start executing people left and right.

First and foremost, think about what you have on board at the moment, and how you could change that for the best. If you have rivalries, try to remove them. If there are rival members, they will definitely not show up in other member’s aid when encountering them, and that’s going to make things harder for getting intelligence.

Secondly, you need to get the right members in the right places and then start executing them.

– It That Fled: Should ALWAYS be in Research. Ranking her up is going to give you a crafting bench to make Pure Breachstones (at the moment a Pure Chayula Breachstone sells for 2+ Exalts), so go figure the profit this could earn you. This is the one encounter you should always follow and play around, because this is not only great for profit, but if you want to level up quickly, then running those Pure Breachstones will get you to max level faster than anything else.

– Cameria: Cameria in Intervention should always be a good investment, since there are always people looking to buy Sulphite Scarabs. The higher the rank on Cameria, the better the Scarabs. In Fortification it’s not bad either, given that the reward is Harbinger Orbs which you can use to make Beachhead maps (if you’re lucky). In Transportation, you might get a good “timeworn” item, so you can test your luck unless you have no other safer chocies (let’s hope RNGesus will be on your side).

– Guff: This guy is either hit or miss. You can try putting him in Transportation and spam the currency on an item, or try crafting a whole new item if you put him anywhere else. Either way, it’s timed, so we hope you have a solid connection and some RNG on your side.

– Leo: Leo in Fortification is good as he might give you some good currency. Keep in mind, the higher the rank, the better the reward. If you’re madly farming currency, then it’s a great source for you as this might give you Exalts.

– Rin: Rin in Intervention is great because of the Cartography Scarabs, which you can sell, or use yourself. Either way, it’s a great profit.

– Gravicius: He’s another hit or miss, because you might get lucky and get all Doctor cards for Headhunter, or get a simple Her Mask. Either way, Gravicius should always go to Transportation. In Intervention it’s not bad either if you feel like you might get lucky with the Divination Scarabs, but it’s way better in Transportation.

– Riker: This Riker Maloney guy, doesn’t seem trustworthy. Nonetheless, he might be helpful in Transportation or Intervention as he will make you pick one currency (in Transportation) or one divination card (in Intervention).

Aisling: She is good for adding a veiled mod (or two) to your items when in Research. This is great if you have some OP item that you want to add multiple crafts to, because it’s basically the “budget” version of a “Can have multiple crafted mods” if you hit two unveiled mods.

Janus: Coming from the Perandus clan, this guy is quite useful in many places. If you want a chance to meet Cadiro as well as get some extra Perandus Coins, move Janus to Research, but if you want Perandus Scarabs, move him to Intervention.

Tora: If you want your Empower gem to level up faster, then move Tora to Research because this will add experience to your gems. She is good anywhere basically, but the Research is the best. If you put her in Transportation you can pick one random item in 8 seconds, if you put her in Fortification you will get Labyrinth enchanted items, and in Intervention she will drop Harbinger Scarabs.

These are your most profitable encounters for the Syndicate, and the rest will just come as a plus. I strongly suggest going for It That Fled every single time you can, because that is one girl that will bring you lots of money! Also, Cameria is your second best in what regards the profit. The rest are an added bonus, because once you got those two you’re pretty much set.

The Syndicate Mastermind

So you might wonder if it is worth going through all that struggle of opening all the Syndicate Hideouts and gathering that EXP and all that for the Mastermind. Well, it’s not. The drops from the Mastermind aren’t that exceptional, and definitely not worth farming for profit. You might get lucky and get an Exalted along the way somewhere, but other than that, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. It’s way better to just farm It That Fled in Research because that’s the best guaranteed income source.

This is all we have to say about the Immortal Syndicate and how to farm it for profit. It’s best if you stick to our suggestions for the maximum guaranteed profit, but hey! If you have your own ways of doing this and earning a lot of currency, share it with us too, we’d love to know!

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