Myth of Empires Weapon Tier List (Best in the Game)

Not sure which weapons to focus on in Myth of Empires? Worried that you might end up face to face with an enemy, sporting the wrong weapon for the fight?

Fear not, for I have spent countless hours (and probably too much caffeine) experimenting, battling, and strategizing to bring you the definitive weapon tier list. Let’s get it started!

S-Tier: The Game Changers

There are just two weapons in the game that I consider amazing at the moment. These are based on the latest release, and not on the earlier versions of the game.

Meteoric Blade

The cream of the crop. With its dual damage modes (443 slashing and 489 piercing) and the ability to inflict bleed damage over time, this blade is a force to be reckoned with.

Its parrying and attack canceling abilities make it a top choice for any warrior – and going melee in Myth of Empires is the way to go.

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Tiger Spear

Unmatched in cavalry combat, the Tiger Spear dominates with its Cavalry Lance ability, dealing massive damage upon contact at high speeds.

With 634 piercing damage and a 125% charge damage bonus, it’s the spear that makes enemies rethink their life choices – and yourself happy with yours.

A-Tier: The Reliable Powerhouses

While not as OP as my top two recommendations, these remain great options for all players out there. As you can see, I focus more on the melee combat part simply because it’s the most fun!

Quake Hammer

Boasting 491 crush damage, this hammer is your go-to for demolishing heavily armored foes and shields. It’s a bit niche but excels in its role, making it a valuable asset in event battles.

Dual Crescent Halberd

With the highest slashing damage among polearms and a significant speed multiplier, this halberd is a deadly weapon on horseback. Its 703 slashing and 569 piercing damage ensure your hits pack a punch that your enemy will never forget.

Meteoric Pox

Similar to the Dual Crescent Halberd in its effectiveness, this polearm adds an additional bleed effect to its 668 slashing and 534 piercing damage.

While it doesn’t allow for spammy attacks like the Meteoric Blade, its charge damage bonus makes it a formidable choice for most players.


I tend to stay away from these weapons, as there are better options out there – but in very specific situations, these could prove very helpful.


High damage output (975.8) makes them lethal in defensive scenarios like base raids. Their slow reload time, however, limits their utility in open-world engagements.

Black Iron Axe

It may not shine as brightly as some other one-handed weapons, but with the highest base damage (517 slashing and 346 piercing) and a damage buff after five consecutive hits, it’s not to be underestimated.

Meteoric Great Axe

Noteworthy for its 200% shield breaking multiplier, this two-handed axe can be devastating in the right hands.

Its 602 slashing and 542 piercing damage make it a solid choice for breaking through enemy defenses.


These are the underperformers and weapons that I wouldn’t recommend anybody to play.

Hafted Blade

Despite its appealing aesthetics, the Hafted Blade’s lower damage output (602 slashing and 634 piercing) compared to other polearms places it in the lower echelon of the tier list.

Meteoric Glaive

Although it features a bleed effect, its inability to spam attacks like the blade renders it less effective. Its 476 slashing and 544 piercing damage are decent, but there are better options available.

Special Mentions

The Dragon Tongue Bow stands out with superior accuracy and quicker reload times, making it a top-tier choice for archers.

Meanwhile, the Rare Wood Bow offers a slightly higher damage multiplier but trades off with lower accuracy and longer range, positioning it as a strong alternative.

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Final words

This tier list aims to guide you through the arsenal available in the game, helping you be one step ahead of your opponents.

However, since play style and even game situation differ from player to player, you might have a different opinion regarding the “best” weapon in the game.

So, if you have different favorites, don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below.

Calin Ciabai

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