Myth of Empires: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

If you’re just starting in the world of Myth of Empires, it might look like there are so many things to do… and you’re right! But don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed and instead, read my tips and tricks below to help you get started on the right foot.

While you can play the game at your own peace, doing whatever you feel like doing, if you’re looking to get things a bit more organized, these tips will come in handy.

1. Level Up Like a Pro

Leveling up is the most important part of the game, and leveling up fast is even more important.

I have an in-depth guide on how to level up faster in Myth of Empires, and I encourage you to read it ASAP.

But the bottom line is that you want to hammer out those main and side quests first, then focus on gathering anything and everything, then craft using the same principles.

Doing this will help you level up faster, which in turn will make everything in the game a lot easier.

2. Gathering and Crafting

Myth of Empires wilderness
Does this count as “gathering”?

Starting with nothing but your wits, gathering resources is your first step toward not dying horribly, as I already touched on in the first tip.

But it’s so important that I want to make it a heading, to make sure you read it. It’s the most important thing you have to do in the game, so grind here as much as possible.

I learned the hard way that everything from the grass underfoot to the trees overhead is vital in this game.

Pro tip: start crafting straw ropes early on. It might sound mundane, but in the world of “Myth of Empires,” a straw rope is your golden ticket to efficiency and quick leveling up.

And if you’re playing the highly popular Palwold, make sure to check out the Best Palworld Mods You Should Have.

3. Base building in Myth of Empires

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, we have to talk about the fun (although sometimes potentially frustrating) aspect of building your home base.

While showing off your architectural skills is welcome when it comes to building in the game, you actually want to build a solid base that’s perfect for keeping you safe, storing your items, and helping you grow faster.

First of all, make sure to craft the wooden chest for storage ASAP – that should be the heart of your base, then upgrade to store more items as you progress.

The early game focuses heavily on gathering essential materials like grass, meat, copper, and clay, crucial for building and expansion.

Make sure to have a plan when you start working on your base and thing long-term instead of short-term, in order to make sure that everything connects and grows nicely as you build more.

4. Managing Inventory and Resources

Apart from the storage in your base, you have your own carry capacity. Although the starting 150 lbs might sound like a lot initially, you will quickly realize the importance of efficient inventory management as you loot more items.

So make sure you get a horse ASAP, as that helps you move around, but also increases your carry capacity significantly.

And don’t forget about the wooden chest that I mentioned above – it’s essential for hoarding your loot!

5. The Art of War… and/or Peace

Myth of Empires combat

Reaching level 16 is what you want to do ASAP, because you have two options at that point: go PVE (chill mode) or PVP (hardcore mode).

Going solo is totally doable, but teaming up for PVP early on? Chef’s kiss for extra loot and bragging rights. Just be ready for the heat because it gets real quickly. But this is why you’re playing the game, right?

However, I recommend starting in the safe confines of a PvE server, because it lets you get a grip on the basics without the constant threat of being raided.

6. Copper Makes the World Go Round

In “Myth of Empires,” copper coins are the currency of your empire and therefore should be your main focus: you need them for blessings, paying taxes, hiring protection and so on.

Early on, I found that trading with merchants and completing quests to be reliable sources of income.

Additionally, joining or creating a guild opened up new avenues for wealth through collective efforts and resource sharing – but I’ll go more in depth with this a bit later. Until then…

7. Taming the Wilderness

A game-changing element is taming your first horse. As mentioned before, it will increase your inventory (which by itself is a huge win), but you also gain a lot in terms of mobility.

Mobility is key in “Myth of Empires,” and having a trusty steed at your side makes exploration, farming, and combat exponentially better. Plus, riding into battle on horseback is just undeniably cool!

8. Be Part of a Solid Guild

Myth of Empires image

Last but not least, we have to talk about Guilds. Joining a guild offers plenty of advantages, from mutual protection to resource-sharing, highlighting the game’s emphasis on community and cooperation.

Sure, these are only available on the PvP servers – which also come with the risks mentioned above (looting and higher difficulty overall), but if you are an active player and manage to join an active guild – or if you have friends playing the game well, being part of a guild is the way to go.

Final words

Although I still feel that the game is a bit unbalanced and there’s still some work left to be done here, overall things are nice and you can have a solid experience playing Myth of Empires, especially if you follow my tips above.

Do you have other suggestions for fellow players who want to improve their game? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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