How to Level Up Fast in Myth of Empires

Power leveling in Myth of Empires is an easy thing once you know what to do. And this is exactly what I am here to help you with in today’s article – tell you how to level up fast in the game.

When I first set foot in this sprawling sandbox, I was as clueless as a villager facing a dragon, so I know how you might feel. Soon, you will become an expert though – and a high-level one. Let’s see how!

1. Questing: Your Bread and Butter

Myth of Empires screenshot

This is the main thing you have to focus on. It might seem obvious, but I’m saying it just in case.

The main quests and side quests are your best friends in Myth of Empires when it comes to leveling up.

Focusing on these quests can skyrocket you from level 1 to 16 faster than you can say “Oops, I aggroed the whole camp.” Or maybe faster.

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2. Bushwhacking and Crafting

Remember when your parents told you not to beat around the bush? Well, forget that, at least when it comes to Myth of Empires!

Here, you want to do that – literally. Make it personal with the in-game bushes and craft everything you can. I recommend focusing on straw ropes, as they are easy to craft and rewarding in the long run.

But every little bit helps and adds up. Before you know it, you’ll have enough experience to hit level 16, and you’ll wonder why you ever worried about leveling in the first place.

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3. The Secret Sauce

After climbing up the level ladder a bit, it’s time to focus on things that are a bit more advanced and, at the same time, more rewarding.

Once you unlock experience gains buffs, you basically have access to a nitro boost when it comes to leveling up.

There are buffs for general experience gain and others for crafting, which, let me tell you, are worth their weight in gold – as they give you double XP gains, which come in handy.

Final words

This is pretty much what you have to do to level up fast in Myth of Empires – start by focusing on completing the missions ASAP, then craft and bushwhack like crazy until you unlock the XP gain buffs, then you are all set.

Do you have other tips and tricks for fellow players looking to level up faster in the game? Share your strategies in the comments section below!

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