BlazBlue: Entropy Effect Tier List

This BlazBlue Entropy Effect tier list will go through the best characters in the game to help you decide which one to use.

In short, the best characters are Hakumen, Jin, and Kokonoe due to their amazing kits and high DPS.

Let’s go through all the characters in turn, starting from the best ones.

S-Tier (Best Characters in BlazBlue Entropy Effect)

BlazBlue Entropy Effect tier list - best characters.

S-Tier characters offer exceptionally high damage and become overpowered as you progress in the game and upgrade them.

  • Hakumen
  • Jin
  • Kokonoe


Hakumen stands out due to his counterattacks and exceptionally high damage. While he is fairly slow in the early game, as you get stronger and become more familiar with his kit, you’ll be able to take down any enemy easily.

Jin Kirasagi

Jin is one of the strongest characters in the game due to his fast, high-damage attacks.

Additionally, one of his EVO skills allows him to slow down time upon a succesful dodge, which is an extremely helpful gameplay mechanic. With great defense as well, Jin has an amazing all-around kit that can use the Ice element to freeze enemies.


Kononoe stands out in this BlazBlue Entropy tier list due to her very high damage. Overall, Kononoe is the best ranged damage-dealer in the game and can take down enemies and bosses with ease from a distance.

The only slight drawback is that she has low movement at first and you’ll need to get some moblity upgrades like the teleport.


BlazBlue Entropy Effect tier list - best characters.

Characters in the A-Tier are strong and have great kits but fall just slightly short in damage compared to S-Tier options.

  • Taokaka
  • Hibiki Kohaku
  • Mai Natsume


B-Tier characters are overall more situational and can shine in specific builds but only then.

  • Lambda-11
  • Noel Vermillion

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BlazBlue Entropy Effect tier list - best characters.

Lastly, C-Tier characters are situational and will only work in very specific situiations. They can be used if you really enjoy their kits or know what you’re doing but I wouldn’t start my first playthrough with them.

  • Ragna
  • Es

Wrapping up

To wrap up this BlazBlue Entropy Effect tier list, the best characters to use include Hakumen, Jin, and Kokonoe.

However, you should keep in mind that each character is unique and it’s important to try everyone (or at least as many as you can) before settling your main.

Which character is your favorite so far? What would you change in this tier list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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