Lethal League Blaze, the Sequel to the Projectile Fighting Game

Lethal League Blaze is the upcoming sequel to the fast and furious baseball fighting game – you heard that right – that graced the PC in 2014 and earlier this year for the PlayStation 4. Watch Candyman and Switch have a friendly duel, when Candyman gets upper hand and Switch gets smacked by the ball.

But wait – who’s that giant yelling (or what we think is the beatbox equivalent of yelling) robot? This musical monstrosity is known as Doombox, the final boss of the original game’s Arcade mode. We can only assume from his extremely loud entrance that he’ll be playable character in the sequel, among others.

Candyman? Switch? Doombox? Baseball fighting game? If you’ve never heard of Lethal League, you’re probably very confused, as you should be! But, that’s actually a very apt description. Lethal League is a 2D platforming fighting game where players hit a ball back and forth. The goal is to hit your opponent with the ball and take out all of their stocks (lives). Every time a player hits the ball, it bounces faster. This is where the real fun starts! The ball has seemingly no limit to how fast it can get, so eventually you’ll be breaking the sound barrier every time you hit the ball – provided you can survive that long with it flying towards you at light speed.

Lethal League is a fun and fresh combination of two familiar genres mashed together in an ultra-slick package. With Lethal League Blaze, more characters and stages are coming. The game has also undergone a graphical upgrade. The in-game sprites look like they’re 3D models now and they look great. The game still plays in the 2D perspective, so don’t worry!

The game is currently scheduled for a 2018 release on PC and consoles. Keep an eye on the official website for more news to come!

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