League of Legends: Best Tips for Beginners

When you first start playing this game, you are taken through a brief introduction to the game. The game will walk you through the mechanics of your champion, as well as other champions, minions, and towers.

In spite of this, the vast majority of players will find it lacking since it does not explain things, runes, summoner spells, kinds of damage, etc.

As a result, users of LOL have two choices: either they can play the game as often as they can, or they may explore online for strategies.

You most likely came here seeking the latter one. Therefore, I will provide you with five League of Legends hints and tips that will help you get started.

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Try Playing with Several Champions

If you are just starting out in League of Legends, you shouldn’t stress excessively about trying to identify the ideal character for you to play or the role that you would be most effective in.

Instead, you should put your attention only on putting a variety of player personas through their paces.

Thing is, the more characters you test out, the clearer it will become to you which job is most suited to your playstyle, whether it be dealing with ranged attack damage, engaging in melee combat, or providing tanky support.

If you have a young profile, now is a good time to try out as many champions as you can since you won’t have access to most game choices until your profile reaches level 5.

As most game options won’t become accessible until you reach level 5, having a young profile gives you an advantage.

The Map Can Be Your Best Friend

Summoner’s Rift is the name of the primary playing arena in League of Legends, and it is divided into three distinct lanes: top, middle, and bottom.

The twisting passages that are placed in between the lanes are known as the jungle, and it is here that specific monsters spawn.

If you are successful in defeating these creatures, your champion will get unique bonuses.

While many champions excel in a specific function, the beginning location on the map that you choose to occupy should be determined to a considerable extent by the champion that you choose.

Beware The Opposing Turrets

In general, it’s a good guideline to follow to stay behind your minions, but there’s no situation in which doing so is more important than when you’re assaulting an opposing turret.

Turrets are a kind of fortification that inflict an escalating amount of damage on attackers the longer they remain in their line of sight.

You should virtually never attempt to assault a turret unless you bring a large number of minions with you that can function as a buffer from the turret’s attacks.

If you are afraid of more powerful opponent champions defeating you in a lane, it is smart to stick near your own turret because of how tough it can be to assault the enemy’s turret.

Understanding how tough it could be to attack the enemy’s turret should make this obvious.

Deal The Finishing Blow

If you’re new to LoL, you might be one of the many players who think it’s fine to just sit on the sidelines and auto-attack minion wave upon minion wave until you’re in a position to attack the enemy turret that’s closest to you.

However, this strategy will definitely cost you in the long term as you rank up your account and get matched against much more skilled players.

To make the most out of the minion waves, you should concentrate on delivering the finishing blow to each, and every potential minion since doing so will earn you an additional amount of gold for the kill.

This gold may rapidly mount up, which can result in your team having the advantage in the lane as well as in team battles.

Always keep a watch on the health bars of your enemies’ minions, and be prepared to launch an assault the moment you see one whose health is low enough that you can eliminate it with a single bullet.

Know Your Items

If you look at champion guides for a while, you will probably acquire a fairly good idea for some of the essential stuff that you need to be purchasing on a consistent basis once that amount of time has passed.

At this point, you should make an effort to commit the prices of those specific things to memory so that you won’t forget how much money you’ll need to put aside before going back to base to purchase them.

While making decisions about which things to purchase, it is helpful to have a price index at the forefront of your mind.

This not only helps you become much more efficient, but it also gives you the potential to get an advantage over your opponent in the lane.

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