Inside the Backrooms Elevator Code: How to Solve It Easily

You don’t get to play Inside the Backrooms for a very long time before getting stuck trying to solve the elevator code and make that elevator work again. But worry not, today I am here to help you solve the Elevator Code in Inside the Backrooms.

Before we start, it’s worth mentioning that the code is randomized for each playthrough, so I can’t simply tell you the code. That would’ve been too easy and we already know that this game is anything BUT easy.

However, once you know how to read all those numbers on the walls, you can easily get the code for the elevator and get past this first important challenge. So let’s see what to do!

How to get the elevator code in Inside the Backrooms

the elevator

When you reach the broken elevator in the game, you might be tempted to believe that it is indeed broken (or the game glitched) as nothing seems to make it work.

But that’s just an in-game puzzle you need to solve: you need to find a 4-digit code to operate the code. And you have all the info you need written on the walls and once you know how to read it, everything will be easy.

You have an in-game clue that doesn’t really tell you what to do. You can find it on a piece of paper to the left of the elevator (when you exit it) or to the right (if you’re facing the elevator).

the elevator code note

The note reads, as you can see above: “Look at the walls, they hide the 4 number code. It can be very difficult or very easy. It depends the way you see it…”

Not very helpful, thank you!

But how to read the numbers on the walls and get the code? It’s easy once you know it, so here is the rule:

Going to the elevator, you get past a series of 4 walls facing other 4 walls, all of them with numbers on them.

You will notice that one set of walls will be numbered 1 to 4 (in a random order in each game). This is the set of walls that shows you the correct order of the numbers on the opposite walls.

This means that you need to use the numbers on the other set of walls in the order mentioned on the walls numbered from one to four.

To make it easier, here is a table, showing you a random code and how to solve it.

Code wallsOrder Walls

In the example above (REMEMBER: The code will change from game to game), the first number is 7, the second is 4, the 3rd is 1 and the 4th is 5. So our code would be, in this case, 7415.

code solved

It’s really easy now that you know how to solve it, right?

Once you get your code, simply get back to the elevator and press the buttons in the correct order. That’s it – you can now progress to the next level of Inside the Backrooms, which won’t be easier!

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