Honkai Star Rail: Warp Trotter Pig Enemies – What Are They?

Warp Trotters are pig-like enemies in Honkai Star Rail that try to flee as soon as they can and drop great rewards when defeated.

Overall, they are one of the best ways for farming Stellar Jades and other materials, and I highly recommend trying to defeat them whenever you can find them.

In this guide, I will explain how the Warp Trotter enemies work in Honkai Star Rail and showcase their exact locations.

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Warp Trotter Pig-Like Enemies Guide in Honkai Star Rail

Warp Trotter pig-like enemy guide in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail is filled with Warp Trotters, which are pig-like, non-hostile enemies that drop Stellar Jades when defeated.

The catch is that they’ll spawn together with other enemies and will attempt to flee within the first two turns of the battle.

Specifically, during the first turn, they’ll use the “S-S-S-Scared” move, based on which they’ll flee in two turns. During the second turn, they’ll use the “Run… Run!” move, based on which they’ll flee on the next turn.

Unless you manage to defeat them in the first two turns, they’ll flee the battle. Thankfully, players can reload the area by leaving and returning again and they’ll have another chance at defeating any Warp Trotters that fled.

Keep in mind that Warp Trotters are weak to Physical, Quantum, and Imaginary attacks. Also, if you Imprison or Freeze them, you’ll have an extra turn to defeat them.

All Warp Trotter Locations in Honkai Star Rail

How to find Warp Trotters in Honkai Star Rail

Warp Trotters spawn in specific locations and will always be there until killed. Here are all the Warp Trotter locations in Herta Space Station and Jarilo-VI in Honkai Star Rail:

1. Herta Space Station – Base ZoneNorthwest corridor, near Reception Center Space Anchor.
2. Herta Space Station – Storage Zone (1st Floor)South of the outside the control center Space Anchor.
3. Herta Space Station – Supply Zone (2nd Floor)Southeast of the spare parts warehouse Space Anchor.
4. Jarilo-VI – Outlying Snow PlainsWest of long slope Space Achor.
5. Jarilo-VI – Backwater PassSoutheast of leisure plaza Space Achor.
6. Jarilo-VI – Silvermane Guard Restricted ZoneNorthwest of the south Space Anchor.
7. Jarilo-VI – Corridor of Fading EchoesSouthwest corner of the map.
8. Jarilo-VI – Everwinter HillJust down from the main platform.
9. Jarilo-VI – Great MineLower North path.
10. Jarilo-VI – Rivet Town (1st Floor)East side, at the square corridor.
11. Jarilo-VI – Robot Settlement (2nd Floor)Southwest corner stairs.

Warp Trotter Enemies Rewards and Drops

Warp Trotter drops in Honkai: Star Rail.

Warp Trotters will drop 60 Stellar Jades once defeated, along with any materials you’ll get for defeating the other enemies alongside them.

Overall, they are always worth the trouble and I highly recommend going out of your way to hunt them down. They are more valuable than chests!

Wrapping up

To summarize, this is everything you need to know about Warp Trotters in Honkai Star Rail. They are non-hostile, pig-like enemies that drop Stellar Jades once defeated and can be found in specific locations.

Make sure to hunt all of them down and you’ll be able to gather a lot of Stellar Jades quickly.

Have you defeated all Warp Trotters? Did you have trouble finding any of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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