Dredge: How to Get Research Parts

Research Parts are an essential component in Dredge as they allow you to research new items and progress in the game.

Research parts can be gained randomly when dredging, or bought from the Merchant at Dusty Pontoon in the Gale Cliffs region.

In this guide, I will showcase all methods for getting Research Parts in Dredge and explain how to get a lot of them easily.

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How to Get Research Parts While Dredging

How to get Research Parts in Dredge.

The first method to get Research Parts in Dredge involves using the dredge mechanic. With this, you’ll be able to search debris and other areas for loot.

While most of the time you’ll get Cloth, Lumber, and Metal Parts, there’s also a small chance to get Research Parts when dredging.

However, it is completely random and thus there’s no guaranteed area where you can get them.

One tip here is to find an area with many material piles and use the ‘Save and Quit’ feature to keep respawning that pile of materials. For more details on this method, check out our guide on how to get Cloth in Dredge.

The location where you get Cloth is one of the best places for the ‘Save and Quit’ method as it has many spots for dredging.

If you’re in a rush to get Research Parts fast, this method isn’t ideal. Instead, I recommend the next method.

How to Get Research Parts From the Merchant in Dredge

How to get Research Parts from the Merchant in Dredge.

The second and most time-efficient method to get Research Parts involves buying them from a Merchant.

Specifically, there is a Merchant at the Dusty Pontoon port, within the Gale Cliffs region who has a chance of selling Research Parts at the price of 315$ per part.

This Merchant’s stock will restock daily, and he’ll only sell one Research Part whenever it’s in stock.

However, there is a quick way to refresh the Merchant’s stock. This is done by resting until the next morning since the stock refreshes automatically every 24-hour cycle.

Keep resting until you get as many Research Parts as you need, or until you’re out of money.

Wrapping up

To summarize, that’s everything you need to know on how to get Research Parts in Dredge.

Either go dredging for other materials and hope to get lucky, or visit the Merchant at the Dusty Pontoon port and keep refreshing their stock until you get as many as you need.

How many Research Parts do you need? What are you trying to research? Let us know in the comments below.

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