Fallout 76: How to Find the Blue Devil

With the release of the “Once in a Blue Moon” update, players have been wondering how to find the Blue Devil creature in Fallout 76.

Players can encounter this creature by exploring Appalachia or by progressing through the time-limited event called “Safe and Sound”.

In this guide, I will explain how to find and spawn the Blue Devil in Fallout 76 while also mentioning all the drops you can get from this monster.

How to Find the Blue Devil in Fallout 76

How to find the Blue Devil in Fallout 76 - all Blue Devil locations.

To find the Blue Devil in Fallout 76, players should either check out the “Safe and Sound” event or explore the map.

At the end of the “Safe and Sound” event, there is a guaranteed Blue Devil spawn, so you’ll be able to find it and get the photo you want to progress the summer event.

Also, the Blue Devil doesn’t have to be alive when you take the picture to complete the quest. You can kill it first and then take the picture. Finding a dead one and taking a picture while it’s ash or goo also counts!

Alternatively, Blue Devils can spawn almost anywhere in the world and players should be able to find them by exploring around. Some of the best locations to find a Blue Devil are the following:

  • Welch – Just up from the main road.
  • Crevasse Dam – Head east while staying on the road. Pass the three destroyed vehicles and there’s a spawn there.
  • Hopewell Cave – Walk up the road and check on the right and left sides.
  • Watoga Station – Head east and stay on the railway. Before reaching the wooden watchtower, there’s a Blue Devil spawn.
  • Rusty Pick – Head straight through the road and you should see him below the huge sign.
  • Kmax Transmission – Follow the road near the teleport location.
  • Grainger Farm – Just next to the teleport point.
  • The Freak Show – Walk south towards the Monorail Elevator and a Blue Devil can spawn within the quarry.
  • Blake’s Pass – Follow the road near the teleport location.
  • Dent and Son – Above this location.
  • White Powder – Stay on the road and check your left side.

Keep in mind that all these are potential spawn points. If you get there, players may have already killed the Blue Devil. If you can’t find it within the first minute, I recommend server hopping or switching to a different location.

Keep moving and cycle around these locations until you find it.

Blue Devil Drops in Fallout 76

How to find the Blue Devil in Fallout 76 - all Blue Devil drops.

The Blue Devil has various drops and all of them depend on your luck and the rarity of the creature. Here are all of its potential drops:

  • Fusion Core
  • Gourmand’s Gatling Laser
  • 6x Syringe Ammo
  • 3x Bone Shards
  • Plans: Shadowed Metal Armor Chest
  • Marine Armor Right Leg
  • RadAway: Diluted
  • Excess Adhesive
  • Raw Wolf Meat
  • Mongrel Dog Meat
  • 7x Waste Acid
  • 6x Unrefined Gunpowder
  • Sugar Bombs

If you’re looking for a specific drop, you’ll need to kill multiple Blue Devils alongside the various locations mentioned before you can get it.

Wrapping up

To sum up, players can find the Blue Devil in Fallout 76 by completing the “Safe and Sound” quest or by visiting any of the mentioned locations.

Since many players are currently hunting it, you will need to check multiple of these locations before being able to find one, unless you get lucky.

How long did it take you to find a Blue Devil? What drops did you get after killing it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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