Fallout 4 Unlimited Caps Glitch / Exploit Found

If you’re always running low on money in Fallout 4 or you simply want to get a ton of extra caps for free and relatively easy, you should know that this is possible, at least at the moment of writing this article: the Fallout 4 unlimited caps glitch or exploit has been found and you should act quickly because Bethesda might patch it sooner or later.

And who says no to a ton of free caps? Nobody should, because they can make your life a lot easier in the game!

fallout 4 unlimited caps glitch

In order to make this work and get free caps in Fallout 4, you have to do this:

1. Find a vendor with whom this works (it does not work with all vendors, just try it out until you find the ones).

2. Start bartering and look for the ammo – you need to have that specific type of ammo in your inventory, and the seller must have it on sale too. We’ll use the .44 round in our example.

3. Go to the seller and buy all the ammo of that particular type, but don’t finalize the transaction. Just make sure you have all the caps required for the transaction – this is extremely important!

4. Go back to your inventory and “sell” back just one ammo of the same type you have just purchased (in our case, give the seller one .44 round). Accept the sale, but don’t finalize this.

5. Go back again to your inventory and sell all the ammo you have of that same type. If the glitch works for you, you will still have 1 ammo left.

6. Continuing pressing “sell” and you’ll see the total number of bottle caps on your side go up while the vendor’s is in the negative. You can get as much as you want.

7. When you are satisfied with the amount of bottlecaps you will receive, go back to the inventory of the seller and purchase all the ammo that they have of the same type (.44 ammo in our case).

Repeatedly “Buy” that ammo back and you’ll see the amount the vendor owes you grow exponentially.

8. Now the vendor is owing you a ton of caps. You can purchase all their items and finalize the transaction.

The game will warn you that the seller doesn’t have enough, but you finalize it anyway and you’ll get all the original money that the vendor had, plus all their items.

Do this with all vendors and you’ll be filthy rich in no time!

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