Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor – All Upgrades [And How to Get Them]

If you want to know more about the upgrades in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, this guide has you covered.

I will go over what are the permanent upgrades for your character and all the necessary information you should know before using your resources to get them.

Let’s go over them in detail.

Unlocking the Upgrades in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor


As with many rogue-like experiences as you play the game, you will have a menu that can upgrade your passive abilities and an “active” shop that only lasts for the duration of the game.

The upgrades while you play are random every time, but the upgrades on the menu keep stacking until you max them out. Each passive upgrade can be upgraded 12 times, and they require larger amounts of credits and a specific resource.

The first level is kind of easy for players to get since it costs 500 credits and only two of a specific resource. If players want to go down the whole path, they will need 10.000 credits and 100 of a specific resource.

At least as of early access, the max level is 12, but that is subject to change as are the costs for each upgrade as the game’s development goes on.

You can also use the credits you earn for each run, successful or not, to purchase the specific resources you need, or even sell excess resources you have collected for credits.

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The Permanent Upgrades in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor


As of the current version of early access, there are 12 unique permanent upgrades for your character.

Let’s go over what they are, and which aspects of your character they affect.

Permanent UpgradesEffect
Heavy BulletsIncreases your damage by 2% per level
Better BootsIncreases your movement speed by 2% per level
Upgraded ArmorDecreases the amount of damage you take from all sources.
Armor is increased by 2 per level
Fast LearnerIncreases your XP gain by 2% per level
Getting FitIncreases your Max HP by 10 points per level
Target PracticeIncreases your chance to get a critical hit by 1% per level
Reload SpeedIncreases your weapon’s reload speed by 2% per level
Mining 101Increases your mining speed by 2% per level
Me Lucky CharmsMakes it more likely to get higher rarity upgrades by 2 ticks per level
Pocket MagnetsIncreases your pickup radius by 4% per level
First Aid KitIncreases your life regeneration by 1 tick per level
Mind BlowingIncreases the damage of critical hits by 4% per level

These were all the permanent upgrades you can get in the game, and what each of them does.

I would personally suggest going first for the XP gain, and the luck upgrades, but you are free to pick anyone you want because it is completely up to preference.

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Final Thoughts

The implementation of the permanent upgrades along with the random upgrades as you play is an excellent way to allow the player to feel stronger while at the same time having a sense of progression and randomness each new run they begin.

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With all the necessary information about the upgrades and how to unlock them for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor laid out, you will be able to know much better what each upgrade offers and what you can expect when upgrading them.

Let us know with a comment what permanent upgrade you feel is the most worthwhile when starting a rogue-like experience such as this.


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