Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Tips & Tricks You Should Know

For the best tips and tricks for the Early Access to Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, here are our top suggestions.

The game can be fairly challenging and overwhelming initially, especially since there’s so much stuff to keep track of. With these tips, you’ll be able to get started more easily.

Without further delay, here are the best tips and tricks in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.

Farm Resources in the Early Stages


In the early stages of the game, the bugs are still relatively weak, and this will allow you to gather many resources.

You can use these resources to reroll bad upgrades, recover your HP, or reroll shops. This will allow you to be ahead of the difficulty curve, and better manage the later swarms that will be on your tail.

Use Milestones as Goals

Milestones are goals set for the players by the game to help them along the way. You may think you should ignore them, and do them when and if you can.

In a game with so much freedom using these milestones as goals to follow, will help you to make a clear path on what you want to accomplish. Aside from that players can even make a list of how to complete them best as they go along.

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Make Use of the Minimap


With an isometric view, you may feel that the minimap is a useless feature, but when you are swarmed, and can’t tell the bugs from the ground, that minimap will be a lifesaver.

You can easily see where you can go, where resources are compared to where you are, where pickups like the Magnet are, and even help you keep track of secondary quests.

Complete Secondary Objectives

When you start, you will most likely make a plan on how you want to tackle a stage, and Secondary Quests may be out of the way, and feel like a hassle to complete.

Despite what plans you may have laid out, always make time to complete Secondary Quests because they give you a good amount of exp and gold, for just doing them.

Plan Around a Viable Build


It’s very tempting to always pick up everything that increases your damage. Seeing high damage numbers, and watching the early waves fall will make you feel that strength is the only way to go.

But slowly building up your character, and going for a build that synergizes with itself will be better for players in the long run, instead of going the do the big numbers route.

Overclock Your Weapons

To unlock the overclock system you first have to get your weapon to level 12. once you reach that level you will permanently unlock overclock for that specific weapon. There will also be an icon to the top right of the weapon in the bottom that shows which weapons have it unlocked.

After that, when you get the overclocked weapon in future runs, at level 6, level 12, and level 18 you will be able to pick strong overclock abilities for that weapon. Try to reach the first overclock threshold of level 6 as early as possible.

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Use Supply Beacons to Hit Bosses


The supply beacon can be charged, and a supply box will fall rewarding the player. Once dropped, it will release a small AOE around it damaging enemies.

Players noticed that this small AOE can deal massive damage to elite enemies, and bosses if they are inside the radius of the supply beacon.

You will want to lure the enemies close to the beacon, and when the enemy you want it close charge the beacon, and then run to lure it into the radius.

Plan Your Escape Route

As you go to the harder levels of the game you will notice that waves become harder, enemies swarm from every direction, and you will find yourself in a corner fast.

What can you do about this? Plan an escape route as you go through the level. Creating a mental map of where you want to go, and a path back if you get swarmed by enemies.

Choke points can also benefit you greatly in clearing out the waves that are after you.

Final Thoughts

It’s common to be overwhelmed when starting a new game, and having some tips and tricks can make the overall experience much smoother.

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With the best tips and tips you should know for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, you will be able to have a smooth start and learn to better navigate all the game’s challenges. Let us know in the comments below what are your first impressions of the game.


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