DayZ: How to Make a Fire

Making a fire in DayZ is a great way to provide warmth, cook food, and light your surroundings.

To make a fire, players need to craft a basic fireplace with kindling (bark), fuel (firewood), and an ignition tool (matches).

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In this guide, I will explain how to make a fire in DayZ, as well as how to upgrade your fireplace.

How to Make a Fire in DayZ

Fireplace with a stone ring and cooking pot in DayZ.
Fireplace with a stone ring and cooking pot in DayZ.

The first step is crafting a basic fireplace. For that, players will need the following items:

  • Kindling – light bark, oak bark, paper, rag, or bandage
  • Fuel – short sticks or firewood
  • Ignition tool – matches, road flare, lighter, or hand drill kit

Start by combing kindling with fuel to craft a fireplace kit. Place it anywhere on the ground or inside a static fireplace.

Then, access it through your inventory screen and add additional fuel.

Lastly, with your ignition tool at hand, look at the fireplace kit and attempt to light the fire. Depending on the weather conditions, it might be more challenging to light the fire.

Where to Find All the Necessary Items for a Fire

Cooking meat on a stick in a fireplace in DayZ.
Cooking meat on a stick in a fireplace in DayZ.

There are various items to choose from to craft a fireplace. Starting with kindling, bark can be gained by using the knife on a tree, paper is found when opening any ammo box, rags are crafted by breaking down clothes, and bandages can be looted from industrial buildings.

For fuel, sticks are gained by chopping down bushes and breaking down long sticks, while firewood requires cutting down any large tree with an axe.

Lastly, in terms of ignition tools, matches, flares, and lighters can be looted from industrial buildings, while a hand drill kit is crafted by combining oak bark and wooden sticks.

How to Upgrade Your Fireplace in DayZ

Fireplace with a stone ring and cooking pot in DayZ.
Fireplace with a stone ring and cooking pot in DayZ.

The fireplace can be upgraded to make it easier to cook certain items. Here are all the fireplace upgrades in DayZ and how to make them:

  • Fireplace with Stone Ring – Combine fireplace with eight stones (it doesn’t do anything on its own but allows to move on to further upgrades)
  • Fireplace with Cooking Tripod – Combine fireplace with Stone Ring with a cooking tripod (allows players to cook inside the cooking pot)
  • Stone Oven – Combine fireplace with a stone ring with eight more stones (16 stones in total, has three cooking slots in total)

If you want to cook more meals at the same time, upgrading your fireplace is essential. However, you can also cook meat without upgrading the fire at all.

Simply chop down a bush to get a long wooden stick and combine that stick with raw meat.

Then, stand close to the fire and select the action button to sit down and start cooking the meat. Keep an eye on it as its color will change when it’s ready to eat.

Wrapping up

To sum up, that’s everything you need to know on how to make a fire and upgrade your fireplace in DayZ.

Combine kindling with fuel and then use your ignition tool to successfully light a fire.

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Why did you craft a fire? Did you want to avoid the cold weather, cook food, or simply enjoy the overall ambiance of the fireplace? Let us know in the comments below.


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